As current President of the club John Charles Camilleri arrived at Manchester 62 FC (Formerly Manchester United F&S Club) at the young age of 22. Whilst never being a football talent himself he dedicated his time with developing, coaching and aiding the grassroots segment within the club during this time he attained his level 2 coaching badges under the Welsh FA’s program. Within a couple of years he was approached by the club’s board as volunteers were required in the committee. During this time he has become an influential part of the club in leading the way forward in the grassroots segment.

In October 2012 he was voted in to lead the club as president in its new chapter as a UEFA Member. As the president one of the values that are most important to him are the one of having a stable and secure program for the clubs future on and off the pitch whilst always looking to benefit from the grassroots program within the club