Best 3N2 Women’s Football Boots in 2022

Ida Youngson 3N2 Women's Football Boots

Ida Youngson, Adidas, and 3N2 are all good choices for football boots for women. However, each have their own pros and cons. If you're a woman footballer, you should look for a boot with the same amount of traction and stiffness as the men's version. That way, you'll have equal muscle capacity and traction. Listed below are the pros and cons of each.

Ida Youngson

The Ida Youngson 3N2 Womens Football Boots are designed to meet the needs of women in the game of football. The design incorporates a runner's knot to relieve midfoot roominess. While the Abirami is petite in build, the Covid-19 is designed for larger ladies. The boot is also water resistant and is great for full-field matches.

Designed with the female foot in mind, Ida Sports worked with RMIT to develop the boot. Their co-founders spent two years working on the boot, and the response has been amazing. They have even been used by VFLW midfielder Shree Fairchild. The Ida Youngson 3N2 Women's Football Boots are available in two styles and are made from a high quality leather.

The Ida Youngson 3N2 Womens Football Boots feature a unique ankle support system that will help women stay balanced while playing the sport. They are designed to be comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The Ida Youngson 3N2 Women's Football Boots are also durable. These boots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor games. Ida Youngson 3N2 Women's Football Boots feature an ankle-strap closure for added support and comfort.

Ida football boots feature predominantly kangaroo leather uppers, with rubberized materials on the sides. This style resembles classic leather boots, although it is less bulky than its male counterpart. The soles are flexible, but don't feel clingy. The Ida football boot is a great choice for women who want to avoid the typical aches and pains that affect female players.

Ida Youngson 3N2 Womens Football Boots are made to fit the feet of elite female football players. The brand's founder, Laura Youngson, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of other women to play an epic match. The result became the highest-altitude football match ever played. Youngson also co-founded the Equal Playing Field initiative, which uses breaking world records to highlight gender equality and sports development worldwide.

Ida Sports has long been about player experience. While there are men's football boots and children's football boots, women's football boots have been absent until recently. Until now, women's football boots were either too short or poorly suited or painted pink. These unfortunate practices put female players at risk of injury and are often unsuitable for their size. These issues have been resolved, and we now have the Ida Youngson 3N2 Women's Football Boots.


If you want to know more about women's football, you've come to the right place. This article outlines the top five female football players in the world, and the brands they wear. Two of those top players wear Adidas, Puma, and Nike boots. The Adidas 3N2 is a new generation of football boots designed for female players. These boots offer protection against a variety of common injuries and are designed with the female foot in mind.

Until this year, Adidas's men's and women's football boots were one and the same. Adidas acknowledged that the female foot has different needs and features than the male foot, and therefore, designed the 3N2 specifically for women. Its new women's soccer cleats are engineered to fit the female foot better, with smaller studs and a narrower toe box to reduce injury risk.


If you are considering purchasing a new pair of football boots, you may be wondering whether they are suitable for women. The truth is, you can wear a woman's football boot just as easily as a man's. The best part is, there are many options available to you. Read on to learn more. In this article, we'll give you some helpful tips to help you find the best women's football boots.

A male footballer weighs around 10kg more than a woman does, so it's important to choose the correct football boots for the gender. A boot that provides the same stiffness, traction, and muscle capacity is crucial. Luckily, there are a wide range of women's football boots on the market. You can find the perfect pair at a good price on The brand is also widely available online.

While it's true that there aren't many brands available in the UK, many sports retailers carry football boots for women. Brands such as Puma and Pantofola d'oro make women's football boots specifically for women. However, even these football boots can cost upwards of PS55 without a discount, which is still too much for the amateur player to afford. Men's football boots, on the other hand, can cost as little as PS10 in high street sales.

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