Best adidas Women’s Football Boots in 2022

adidas Women's Football Boots

The adidas Anja was the first football boot designed especially for women and was re-released in 2017. Since then, adidas has shifted its focus to creating football boots for female players, including the ACE and X models, which were released in 2016 with women's versions. With its shorter, narrower studs and unique configuration, the adidas Anja caters to the shape and physiology of the female foot.

Predator Edge.1

Introducing the new Predator Edge, the adidas Women's Football Boot is a revolutionary member of the PREDATOR family. It features unique materials and unexpected edges to enhance traction and control. The unique design is aimed at providing comfort and fit, so each facet had to be individually designed and feature its actual purpose. It also features a striking colour palette. The upper is made of Zone Skin, which adds swerve to shots.

The Predator Edge.1 is available in laceless, mid-cut, and low-cut styles. These football boots also have a laceless version, but the Edge.3 does not feature Primeknit. It costs $250 and features an off-set lacing system. Both the Edge.1 and Edge+ feature an elasticated Primeknit material. While each model is unique, they all offer excellent cushioning and support.

Predator Freak.1

The predator freak.1 football boot was inspired by the ferocious nature of the Predator's attacking style. Designed with aggressive Demonskin 2.0 spines, this boot will provide you with the necessary control on the ball. Its two-piece collar provides a secure fit, while the split outsole will help you play on firm surfaces. The adidas Women's Predator Freak.1 features an aggressively textured sole with a rubber cleat.

The re-engineered Demonskin 2.0 ridges on the front and rear of the boot improve ball control and traction. This boot also features Primeknit uppers with a split sock construction for extra traction on the ball. Its split outsole provides better ball control for players who need it the most. With a re-engineered Demonskin 2.0 soleplate, the predator freak.1 football boot provides superior control on the ball and keeps you lightweight and agile.


The new adidas X Ghosted has been designed with the player's speed in mind. Featuring the new "Carbitex Speedframe" carbon plate and a layered upper, the Ghosted is a revolutionary football boot. The adidas X Ghosted will redefine the game of football and the boundaries of technology. With three separate layers of material that have been fused together in the upper, the Ghosted is engineered to be fast even when the player is not.

The new X Ghosted boot is designed to mimic the grip of a track spike. It features a carbon fibre insert and a unique "thup" sound when the wearer steps into the boot. The Ghosted is made for speedy, attacking players who need the utmost traction on the pitch. While most speed boots claim to be inspired by the racing spike, the Ghosted mimics the shape of a sprinter's spike.

Predator Freak.2

The Adidas Women's Predator Freak.2 Football Boots combine a lightweight, breathable, and flexible upper with superior ball control. Its DEMONSCALE 3D-printed pattern ensures ball control and traction. This model also features an anatomic mid-cut heel collar and low-profile lacing for consistent support. Whether you're a semi-pro or a professional, these football boots are the perfect match.

The Adidas Predator Freak.2 features a textured grip upper, which mimics the appearance of cleats with studs. Its Primeknit upper is ultra-breathable, lightweight, and has a supportive fit. These football boots also receive top marks for ball control and fit. If you're looking for a pair of football boots for women, look no further.

Predator Freak.3

The new adidas Predator Freak.3 Football Boots are made to give your feet the grip and control you need to win a game. Made with the latest technology, these boots are designed to give your feet a heightened sense of touch, providing the ultimate in ball control. The mid-cut boot design provides a secure lace-up closure, while the Demonscale 3D print provides extra traction and touch.

The predator cleat was first introduced by adidas in 1994. Its patented technology made it an instant hit and is still popular today. Despite being cheap, the Predator Freak.3 features rubberized elements and a swerve that makes it easier to control the ball and the ground. This evolution is also reflected in the women's version. These football boots are made for the softer pitches of women's soccer and are available in a variety of styles.

Predator Freak.4

The adidas Predator Freak.4 football boots are completely different from their predecessors. The boot's textured control embossing and Primemesh upper provide maximum ball control. The soleplate has dedicated embossing for improved touch. This boot has a very soft feel and can be easily worn on wet and dry surfaces. It is ideal for those who love playing in muddy conditions.

The Controlskin uppers provide better ball control and stability. The laceless design creates a seamless playing surface. The Primemesh uppers are comfortable to wear. The TPU injected layers provide stability during quick movements. The adidas Women's Predator Freak.4 Football Boots feature a flexible and durable sole for a great fit. These boots are suitable for indoor and outdoor play and come in a range of sizes.

Predator Freak.5

The adidas Predator football boot range has made a name for itself with its performance-driven design. The Predator provides unmatched ball control and comfort for all playing surfaces. The boots are equipped with a dynamic structure and engineered mesh for increased traction and touch. The Predator's lace-up design enables the player to choose the best fit depending on their feet's specific shape.

The predator has long been synonymous with quality and innovation. The Predator Freak takes that excellence to a whole new level. Made with new Demonskin technology, these ultramodern football boots are the choice of champions. The Predator range has been a favorite among football players since the 90s, but the Predator Freak is a fusion of classic 3-stripe style with advanced technology. Women's Predator Freak.5 Football Boots are available in firm, soft, indoor, and indoor soleplates.

Predator Freak.6

The adidas Predator football boot has long been a favorite among women's footballers. These boots were first introduced in 1994, but have since continued to evolve along with the game. The latest version of the Predator features an anatomically designed heel that moulds to the shape of your foot. The boot's unique, dynamic structure also improves ball control and touch. It has a rubber toe cap for added durability and traction, as well as a Primemesh upper for comfort and sock-like fit.

These women's football boots feature a firm ground cleat, which penetrates natural grass to provide traction. In addition, the boots feature a Power Facet on the split outsole forefoot for extra traction. These boots feature a flat rubber outsole with a traction pattern similar to that of a tennis shoe. They also feature a laceless construction.

Predator Freak.7

The adidas Women's Predator Freak 7.7 Football Boots are a great choice for any woman looking to get started on the field. With a lace-less, pure-cut design, this football boot is comfortable and offers excellent ball control. The mid-cut upper and TPU-injected layers provide stability for quick movements. The soleplate is made of a non-marking rubber and features a herringbone pattern for traction on flat surfaces.

The adidas Women's Predator football boot features an anatomically-shaped heel that adapts to the shape of the foot, as well as a flexible outsole with dedicated traction. This type of boot delivers superb ball control, comfort, and traction, and is the best option for women looking to dominate the field. Moreover, it is available in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large.

Predator Freak.8

Predator football boots are perfect for the discerning female footballer. They feature an upper made of a combination of Primemesh and kangaroo leather, which are designed to provide optimal ball control and traction on a variety of playing surfaces. Engineered studs help give you tight ball control and precise control on a variety of surfaces, including artificial grass, turf, and firm ground.

This classic football boot has received an expressive aesthetic refresh to give it a modern feel. It references the 2000 and 1998 Predators, introducing the three stripes along the sides and on the underside. The boot's luminous yellow Demonskin spikes stand out against the all-over blue colourway, while Nemeziz and X Ghosted take cues from the Predator Freak.

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