Best aminco Field Marking Equipment in 2022

Graco and Aminco Field Marking Equipment

Graco Field Marking Equipment is one of the top choices for athletic field marking. Whether your field is grass, asphalt, or synthetic, Graco's high-pressure airless technology will give you professional, bright lines. Their equipment is easy to use and comes in walk behind or heavy-duty ride-on models. Read on to learn more. Here's a quick look at the Graco Field Marking Equipment range.

Graco field marking equipment

If you need a portable field marker, you've probably considered Graco field marking equipment. Graco offers three models: ride-on, walk-behind, and battery-powered. Read on to learn more about each machine's features and benefits. You may be surprised to find out that each model offers the same great features. Find out which Graco equipment will best suit your needs. And be sure to browse the product descriptions to find the right machine for your application.

The Graco FieldLazer S90 is a battery-powered, high-pressure airless sports field marking machine that delivers bright, long-lasting lines. This model is ideal for athletic fields, since it uses Graco FieldLazer High-Pressure Airless Spray Technology to coat both sides of the grass blade in just one pass. Using Graco field marking equipment will also save you time and money because no aerosol is used, meaning fewer wasteful reapplications.

Graco FieldLazer S90 airless striper is a lightweight ride-on field marking machine that's great for laying down even lines over rough terrain. Its ergonomically designed, one-button controls make it easy to operate, and its large, turf-ready tires reduce fatigue. The Graco FieldLazer S90's optional spray shields and easy-out filter make cleanup a breeze. It can even fit into a car trunk!


DURASTRIPE aerosols are the brightest and most durable field marking paint available today. They are sprayed once, and last twice as long. And, thanks to its superior performance and environmental friendliness, they won't cause any damage to natural grass. And, because they're non-clogging, they spray cleanly and maintain excellent visibility. These benefits make DURASTRIPE the ideal paint for natural grass athletic fields, and the aerosols are easy to use and clean up.

DURASTRIPE aerosol paint is designed to be safe for the environment, and is made with the highest percentage of solids and least VOCs. It's tough and water-proof, and it won't damage natural grass or harm grass turf. It's also safe to use on concrete, wood, and synthetic turf. And, with its patented aerosol paint formula, it doesn't bleed or yellow over time, and it sprays crisp, sharp lines that last.

Pro Line field layout system

The ProLine field layout system is the simplest, most cost-effective way to mark soccer fields. It features rugged nylon locators driven into key field positions, along with a string line. The locators are permanently embedded in the ground, making it possible to measure exact fields without re-measurement. The system also comes with a three-year warranty. Here are some reasons why the ProLine is the best choice for soccer field marking.

High-pressure pumps

Aminco manufactures high-pressure pumps for the application of high-impact paint, and their LH Series Pumps are ideal for the construction of mobile spray booths. This line of pumps features heavy-duty construction and can handle up to 41 BAR of inlet pressure. Additionally, they are equipped with AISI 4150 steel motor shafts. The resulting pressures are sufficient to spray paint in the smallest area possible.

Aminco's FieldLazer S100 set the standard for airless field marking in 2004, and is a recognized industry leader. Its innovative ride-on design and No-Tool Gun Removal allow operators to finish a field faster and more efficiently than they ever imagined. The LineLazer ES 1000 is battery-powered and safe for indoor or outdoor field marking jobs. It features a three-wheel design for easier maneuverability.

Precision spray tips

Whether you're working with small fields or multiple sports fields, Graco's line-marking equipment delivers brighter, longer-lasting lines. Graco's unique airless technology uses 10X more pressure than low-pressure field markers, resulting in less wasted paint and brighter lines. And unlike low-pressure field markers, Graco's high-pressure equipment coats grass blades with a fine spray pattern, ensuring that even the most challenging fields are properly marked.

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