Best ASICS Women’s Football Boots in 2022

ASICS Women's Football Boots

ASICS has launched a new range of Women's Football Boots, focusing on women's needs. This year, the Lethal Tigreor IT FF was launched on the market, and ASICS has partnered with Chisel to launch a campaign called Made for Me, which features some of the best female footballers in Australia and equal pay for equal work. The Ida boot was also recently introduced to the market.

Lethal Tigreor IT FF

The ASICS Lethal Tigreor IT FW football boots were specifically designed for female foot shape, and feature synthetic and natural materials in key touch zones. With the combination of lightweight cushioning and a polymer outsole, this is one of the fastest football boots in its category. These are available in a wide range of colours to suit the needs of any female player. Let's have a look at its main features:

The LETHAL TIGREOR IT FF is lightweight and comfortable. It has a revamped upper for increased support and comfort. The upper is made of kangaroo leather, which encases the foot in a supple and flexible feel. A moulded sockliner ensures a secure fit and enhances comfort. The boot is made to last in a variety of weather conditions and is durable enough to handle rough terrain and wear.

Lethal Flash IT 2

The classic look of the Asics Women's Lethal Flash IT Football Boots has been mirrored in the ASICS Lethal DS 2 IT. The full synthetic leather upper is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. Its HG10mm EVA sockliner provides outstanding comfort and the removable moulded sock liner is removable for comfort. The Clutch Collar system helps the player keep their foot in place while playing football.

The unique stud pattern of the ASICS Women's Lethal Flash IT2 football boot makes it a versatile choice. The studs on the forefoot and heel have a unique shape, featuring conical studs on the inside. The four on the outside are closely placed for maximum stability. In the forefoot, there are five studs instead of four, and the ridges are placed down the middle for maximum comfort.

Lethal Stats

The Lethal Stats of ASICS Women't Football Boots feature a unique stud pattern, which uses a combination of shapes and formations to provide the best grip based on the game situation. There are two colors of the studs, as well as hybrid studs. The rounded blade of the studs makes for improved responsiveness, and the overall feel of the boot is more stable.

A performance football boot, the Lethal Stats incorporates Asics' HG10MM heel technology. It's also lightweight, despite being made of synthetic and leather materials. The Lethal Stats' upper features kangaroo leather on the vamp and RHYNO SKIN material along the lateral edge, which provides a firm, stable platform base. For optimum comfort and fit, it's recommended that women wear a size ten US.

The Lethal Stats are an extremely comfortable boot. The upper is made of a thick and durable material, Ryno Skin, and it is very tough. The leather is made of very high quality, although it will need a little bit of maintenance. However, the leather is durable and suitable for natural grass surfaces and firm ground. Whether playing on artificial grass or firm ground surfaces, you'll find the Lethal Stats comfortable.

The Lethal Stats are equipped with many features that enhance comfort, such as an improved heel-to-toe transition, a lightweight midsole, and natural padding. These features work together to reduce the amount of stress placed on your joints during a game. Despite the fact that the Lethal Stats aren't exactly cheap, the Lethal Stats are definitely worth a look.

Ida boot

The ASICS Women's Ida football boots are designed for women. Laura Youngson, who is a keen football player, decided to take her passion for the sport to a new level and set a world record for the highest altitude football match. As a keen player, she was frustrated with the lack of women's football boots on the market. Fortunately, she teamed up with Ben Sandhu, a former semi-professional cricket player and entrepreneurship lecturer, who had been annoyed with the sexualisation of football boots in the media.

Women's sport has made a huge step forward in recent years. In the past, female players were forced to wear men's football boots or children's boots. But as the game has grown, there has been a need for football boots that cater to women's feet. This was not an easy task. Ida Sports, a leading sports brand in Australia, has stepped up to the plate by releasing the ASICS Women's Ida football boot.

The Ida football boot is a great choice for women who are worried about wearing men's boots. Its thick and breathable foam insole makes the boots extremely comfortable. The stud configuration is adequate, and the ankle-high sock is not overly clingy. It's a good choice for players who want to be comfortable on the field, but don't mind a slightly larger size.

While it is impossible to find a football boot that fits the female foot perfectly, ASICS has made a boot specifically for women. The brand partnered with medical experts to develop a football boot that's perfect for the female foot. It also has the DS light technology to fit the female athlete foot. With all these innovations, the ASICS Women's Ida football boot has become a great choice for women who play soccer and AFL.

Ida Youngson

Ida Sports started in Australia, where Laura Youngson had a difficult time finding comfortable football boots. She soon learned that the anatomy of women's feet is quite different from that of men's. Ben Sandhu, a former semi-professional cricket player and entrepreneurship lecturer, joined Laura to create the company. Sandhu was also frustrated by the sexualisation of sports in advertisements.

Ida Sports, a grassroots initiative that challenges gender inequality in sport, is a company dedicated to delivering women's football boots of high quality and comfort. Their boots have been worn by over 200 women in the past year, including some of the top football players in the world. In fact, they have even been worn by a Guinness World Record player. The company hopes to make women's football boots more accessible, comfortable, and effective than ever before.

The Ida boot features a predominantly kangaroo leather upper with a rubberized material on the sides. They are reminiscent of classic leather boots. The stud configuration is sufficient, and the boot is comfortable without being clingy. It also addresses the basic pain points of women's feet. One thing to note is that sizing may be a problem if your feet are larger than the average European or Asian size.

When Youngson decided to launch her first line of football boots in Australia last year, the company had already sold out. The company also successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign for a women's indoor football shoe. Although the boots are largely similar in design to their male counterparts, some women have opted to cut the studs off the ball of their foot in order to avoid discomfort. However, unlike men, women's feet are different, which means the Ida boots must also be tailored to suit a woman's foot.

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