Best ASICS Women’s Football Clothing in 2022

ASICS Women's Football Clothing

ASICS Women's Football Clothing has been designed to reduce stress on the lower limbs. With a 10mm heel gradient, it shifts the wearer forward to engage the first metatarsal and improves reaction time. Injuries to the lower limbs are common in football, and in particular, in Australia. The ASICS HG10mm is designed to minimize the risk of injury and deliver fast response.

ASICS HG10mm is a 10mm Heel Gradient

An HG10mm Heel Gradient is an added benefit to Asics' Gel Quantum 90 training boot. This heel gradient reduces the strain on the limbs and helps shift body weight forward. The upper is made from mesh and synthetic materials for breathable sock-like coverage. Its seamless design has no traditional stitching.

The HG10mm technology helps alleviate the stress on the lower limbs when the wearer runs forward. The heel rises 10mm higher than the toe and incorporates a midsole sponge. This technology reduces leg load and helps relieve pain by influencing the form of bending the leg when running forward. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who play on hard surfaces.

Unlike the Tigreor and Lethal Flash, the HG10mm heel-to-toe gradient has more sprigs through the toe and medial forefoot. Lethal Flash is stiffer, while Tigreor uses 5 sprigs. The midsole platform is made of Solyte EVA, which is a recycled foam that is still found in many low-end running shoes. It also provides assistance for the foot when running.

Heel Gradients are important for women's football clothing because they protect the feet and lower legs. The ASICS HG10mm heel gradient provides extra support for the arches in the foot. Compared to their adult counterparts, kids tend to sweat twice as much, so this shoe helps reduce excessive wear and tear on the feet. As such, ASICS has created a specific heel gradient for kids to reduce pain and discomfort.

RACE SLEEVELESS top is made of lightweight terry cloth with quick-drying properties to keep you dry when you run

This stylish sleeveless top from ASICS features a sleek design and quick-drying properties. Made of lightweight terry cloth, it offers the perfect fit and wicks moisture away from your skin. Its reflective details and forwarded seams improve your visibility in low-light conditions.

The ASICS Race Sleeveless top features an open-air architecture to keep you cool. Its breathable properties prevent moisture from permeating and blocking out moisture. It has a built-in sports bra to support your breasts during a workout. And it features a tag-free neckline and a lightweight, breathable fabric.

The lightweight terry cloth in this asics Race Sleeveless Top ensures you stay dry during any run. It is lightweight and breathable, with quick-drying properties to keep you dry during your workout. The race sleeveless top can be worn as a top as well as a t-shirt or a tank top.

This women's sleeveless top is made of 100% recycled polyester, with an integrated tongue. Its stretchy material wicks sweat away from your skin and is soft against the skin. It has a perfect amount of flow to keep you comfortable while running or walking. It's an excellent choice for outdoor activities, whether you're running or playing volleyball.

XTERRA is a cushioned midsole

Women's football is a very physical sport, and choosing the right footwear for this game is imperative. As the backbone of a strong player, your feet need support and protection from impact and injuries. Fortunately, ASICS has made this possible with its cushioned midsole technology. Here are a few of the features of the ASICS XTERRA:


Asics has introduced the Trail SLEEVELESS top for women into their collection. This lightweight tank top is breathable and has flat seams to prevent rubbing. The design emphasizes functionality and quality materials. It is also comfortable and flattering for all body types. This is a great option for all-weather practices. For additional comfort, consider the women's hoodie.

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