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Vegetable stew with courgettes

Diet stew with aubergines and onions

Ingredients portion 3 Zucchini 1 piece Eggplant 1 piece Tomatoes 5 pieces Salt ½ teaspoon Onions ½ head Greens to taste Curry to taste Cooking instructions 40 minutes 1 Peel the aubergine and courgette, if necessary (not necessary if the… Read More »Diet stew with aubergines and onions

Vegetable stew with seasonal vegetables

Ingredients portion 4 Zucchini 2 pieces Sweet pepper 2 pieces Eggplant 2 pieces Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Onions 1 head Vegetable oil 100 ml Garlic 4 cloves Dill to taste Tomatoes 4 pieces Cooking instructions 40… Read More »Vegetable stew with seasonal vegetables

Vegetable stew with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms

Ingredients portion 2 Potatoes 400 g Young courgettes 2 pieces Champignons 200 g Chicken fillet 1 piece Sour cream 100 g Spices to taste Cooking instructions 30 minutes 1 Peel the potatoes, cut into thick half-circles and fry until crispy.… Read More »Vegetable stew with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms