Best Chelsea F.C. Football Captain’s Armbands in 2022

The First Official Chelsea F.C. Football Captain's Armbands

The first official Chelsea FC Football Captain's Armbands have been unveiled! John Terry was the first to wear the armband, and his tear-jerking go-away speech will surely go down in Chelsea's history. It is a great time for the Blues, and these captain's armsbands are an excellent way for fans to relive those golden days! Whether you're a fan of football, or a non-supporter, these armbands will let you celebrate the glory days of Chelsea!

Thiago Silva

Despite being a new signing, Thiago Silva is not a given captain at Chelsea. While captaincy is an honour, it is not a position you are automatically awarded for signing a player. Thiago Silva is many fans' definition of a leader, and it should not be predicated on the fact that you've signed him. That said, he's definitely worth the opportunity to lead the side.

Despite being injured in the past week, the Brazilian has been impressive during the Champions League. On 21 April, he was honoured with the trophy as the best player at PSG. He was later shortlisted for the Player of the Year award. He has already won the Ligue 1 award and was named PSG's player of the season, which is more than enough to cement his place as a Chelsea captain.

Unlike his predecessors, Thiago Silva won the Samba d'Or and the Coppa Italia in 2011 and was voted Best Player at the Oscar del Calcio. The Argentine also won the best arbitrator award. However, the Brazilian's fitness is questionable for the Manchester United match. Le Pagelle has published several match notes about Silva's selection, and the two Brazilians have compared their respective football careers.

Although he started his senior career at Juventude, he has also played for AC Milan and PSG. He has won the Brazilian Copa do Brasil and the Serie A with both clubs. Thiago Silva will be captain at Chelsea for the next three seasons. The Portuguese international will also captain the team in the coming weeks. It will be a great honour to wear the captain's armband.

While Jorginho will be the next captain, it is unlikely that he will replace Azpilicueta, who has served as the club's vice-captain for the past two years. This is why it is important for Azpilicueta to step aside as the Chelsea captain. While Azpilicueta has proven his ability as a leader, he lacks composure and poise. The Brazilian is capable of leading the team, and has experience of doing so.

As a result, the new captains of Chelsea will have a great role to play in their club's success. Their actions will ultimately determine their success in the Premier League. Nevertheless, the club's management and board will continue to do whatever it takes to keep the team on top. There is no way this team will be able to go through the season without a new captain, so the club must continue to search for a player who can complement Thiago Silva.


The captaincy of a club is very important to a player, and Gary Cahill has proven himself time and again. He has led the side for every Chelsea game since 2004, and won every major trophy that has been available in English top-flight football. While his past might still be relevant, his current form has made him a strong candidate to replace Gary Cahill next season. In the last few games, Cahill has been the regular skipper but the season was full of ups and downs.

Gary Cahill is under pressure to perform at a top level, and he's also a free agent. His contract is up at the end of next season, and he's been under the spotlight more often than not over the past year. His performances have kept him in the side, despite the pressure he's faced as a defender. Against Burnley, he showed a real character to show that he's the right man to carry the captaincy.

As for the next captaincy, John Terry and Eden Hazard have hinted that the midfielder who is most suitable for the role is Jordan Mount. The midfielder has shown leadership qualities in the past, and last year was tipped by many to succeed Frank Lampard. He led the team to a famous win against Luton Town last year and was named captain against Sheffield United in the FA Cup quarter-final last season.

Despite the fact that Terry, Azpilicueta, and Cahill all earned their captaincy at Chelsea, it's unlikely to be automatic. The position is a hard one to obtain, and Chelsea must prove that it's worth it. But the new signing isn't a given and he'll have to earn it. If he gets the armband, it's worth the effort.

There are many arguments against Azpilicueta's appointment as captain. Many fans argue that he doesn't fit the traditional captain role because he doesn't do the traditional captaincy tasks. But he's a dedicated and selfless player. His lack of vocality wasn't an issue, and the fans knew it. They just didn't care.


Cesar Azpilicueta has made an impressive debut as a Chelsea captain, taking over from Thiago Silva. The Portuguese international made a disastrous debut in the Premier League, so the Spaniard was subsequently replaced by Marcos Alonso at half-time. The Spaniard subsequently commanded the side with passion and authority, delivering instructions and barking instructions at his teammates to improve their standards.

Thomas Tuchel praised Azpilicueta recently, revealing that the Spain international has been an excellent leader for Chelsea. The club captain does not make a lot of public announcements, but his dedication, professionalism, and commitment to the club are clear to see. Azpilicueta's recent contract extension may have put his future in his hands.

John Terry believes that Mason Mount should be named as the next captain. He is the most senior player at the club and has played in crucial games for Chelsea. While Terry believes Azpilicueta has the qualities required to become Chelsea captain, he has been an outstanding captain since joining the club. Alonso has a good reputation and will continue to play at the club for years to come.

The future of Gary Cahill is uncertain but Maurizio Sarri has given the Spaniard captaincy duties to another player. Cesar Azpilicueta, meanwhile, is the deputy captain. He is likely to wear the armband more frequently than Cahill. And it's hard to see who will be the next Chelsea captain. This is the biggest question of all - should he stay or go?

Azpilicueta's arrival from Marseille came at a crucial time for the Blues. He had represented Spain at the London Olympics and was quickly named the club's first choice right-back. With his excellent defensive skills and dependability, he was nicknamed Dave by his teammates. His performances at the club led to a full-time call-up to the Spanish national team in early 2013. He ended his debut season with 48 appearances.

Despite his impressive performance, Chelsea were defeated by their London rivals 4-2. Azpilicueta, however, scored in the first half, and conceded a late penalty after hauling Bukayo Saka to the ground. It also looked like Azpilicueta and a home fan had a disagreement. Azpilicueta, however, has played five games at Stamford Bridge and is expected to start against Manchester United on Thursday.

Despite being a club captain, Azpilicueta has not been considered a leader by many fans, despite having the right temperament. He doesn't appear to do any of the traditional captain duties, such as making decisions. In contrast, John Terry was a traditional defender and had many strong personalities in the team - Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, Didier Drogba, Nicholas Anelka, and Ashley Cole.

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