Best CW Hurdles in 2022

CW Hurdles

The CW Hurdles are the ultimate fitness workout equipment! They provide a great cardio workout while building up stamina and leg strength! You can choose from three different heights, each offering a different challenge to your legs. You can find these equipments in several different styles, including Tall PVC Hurdles and 6 X Hurdles. The specifications for these products can be found below. The following are some important features to look for in a set of hurdles.

Tayton Klein wins CW Hurdles

For his first state championship, Tayton Klein ran the 300 meters and jumped hurdles. While he had an easy lead during the race, he stumbled at the final hurdle and dived through the finish line. Other runners were blown away by the Andover High School senior, and he won the event with plenty of time to spare. That's just how fast Tayton is. Now, he'll be a top-level college athlete, so look out for this promising young athlete in the future.

Luke Schroeder wins CW Hurdles

Bill Schroeder, the father of Luke Schroeder, was very proud. The former track and field star from UW-La Crosse was so emotional when he crossed the finish line. He was equally emotional when he was talking to reporters after the race. Coach Bill Schroeder was also very proud of his son. The two are very close and are very supportive of each other.

The CW Hurdles meet also featured performances by Aaron Ronne, Jacob Jacobs, and Zachary Smith. In addition to Schroeder, a record-setting 13 athletes competed in the event. Some of the top athletes from the last meeting included Jared Snipe, Alex Renner, and Mitchell Giovannettone. Other top performers in the meet were Tyson Jenkins, Colin LaBrie, Brandon Antione, and Dylan Wittmeier.

CW 6 X Hurdles

The CW 6 X Hurdles are a versatile piece of exercise equipment that helps athletes improve their agility, speed, and plyometrics. With a bounce-back design, these hurdles will rebound back to their original shape when accidentally stepped on. The six-inch hurdles come in convenient six-packs that are easily stored and can last for seasons. Using CW 6 X Hurdles will keep athletes at the top of their game!


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CW Charlotte

For those looking for a great time, look no further than the CW Hurdles Charlotte event! Whether you're interested in the history of Charlotte or you're interested in learning more about the organization, this event is sure to excite you. In addition to the main race, a number of youth and adult participants will participate in a variety of activities throughout the city. Here are some of the highlights of the 2019 Charlotte Hurdles.

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