Best Derbystar Boys’ Football Shorts in 2022

Derbystar Boys' Football Shorts

The unique playing characteristics of the Derbystar Boys' Football Shorts will enhance the game experience of your youngster. With unique features like water-repellent and Compasstrainer, these shorts will keep your child active for hours. The shorts have three different coloured stickers for training and developing ambidexterity. We will explore each feature further. Here are some of our top picks:


The Compasstrainer is a revolutionary sports product that enables a player to improve their shot-pass technique. It improves a footballer's ambidexterity and bipedality and enhances the interaction between the running path and the football. The device is an innovative piece of training equipment designed to help young footballers improve their game. The Compasstrainer device comes in three different packages, each costing 60 Euros.

The Compasstrainer device is an innovative device that allows for fast repetitions of training exercises per training unit. It is also designed to create variability in technique, control learning intervals, and motivate young players. The disadvantage of the device is that it takes too long to get the ball in the correct position. In addition, it doesn't look very efficient. Nonetheless, the shorts are designed to help young football players improve their shot-pass technique.

Bundesliga match ball

The Derbystar Boys' Bundesliga match ball shorts are official match balls of the first and second divisions of German football. They are made of PU microfiber, a top-quality material which has been hand-sewn for durability and a diamond-shaped design. In addition, the shorts feature an official Bundesliga match ball graphic, which has been approved by FIFA. With a price range that is affordable and world-wide shipping options, these shorts are the perfect addition to your football wardrobe.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Official 2021-22 Bundesliga match ball is hand-sewn for superior quality and durability. It is made with a 32-panel design that is used around the world and is sealed with a butyl valve. The Zero-Wing bladder fills the entire ball casing for uniform elasticity and uniform longevity. The shorts are also made with a breathable mesh insert in the leg to keep you comfortable.

The DERBYSTAR Football features a 32-panel design, with 12 panels being five-edged, and the other panels are six-edged. The design creates a lightweight structure with minimal drag and guarantees accurate trajectory. The microfiber-padded, hand-sewn synthetic leather cover features a 3D surface texture for improved grip for goalkeepers. The microfiber-covered synthetic leather cover is durable and long-wearing, thanks to a thermo-bonded construction that eliminates stitching and water intake. The Zero-Wing bladder keeps the ball inflated, and the Double-Lock valve helps keep air loss to a minimum. The Derbystar Boys' Bundesliga match ball shorts are ideal for players who play on both natural and artificial grass surfaces.

Derbystar is a pioneer in the production of hand-sewn match balls. Founded in 1968, the company has grown to be one of the industry's leading manufacturers. The company has international representation and exports to more than 50 countries. In addition to the quality of their soccer balls, Derbystar also strives to promote good working conditions for their workers in Pakistan. This commitment reflects the commitment to social responsibility and quality, and their match balls are no exception.


These water-repellent football shorts for boys will keep your little star dry. They are constructed with multiple layers of textile materials and feature a zero-wing bladder and High-Performance Natural Latex. The design ensures the most round and lively ball. This product is also designed to perform well on both artificial and natural grass surfaces. Designed with football players in mind, these shorts are perfect for all-weather play.

Made in the Netherlands, Derbystar's footballs have been the official competition ball for the Dutch First Division since 2004. Each season, the league releases a new version of the Derbystar Brilliant APS, which was developed with consultation and input from the Dutch first division. This ball is made of durable, water-repellent PU material that has a snake leather look. It can withstand high levels of moisture and is breathable, which is important when playing soccer.

The perfect pair of waterproof football shorts should also feature seam sealing. Seam sealing covers tiny holes created by the needle during the taping or sewing process. The seams are bonded together with glue or heat. There are two different levels of tape: fully taped garments and critically taped garments. Fully taped garments have every seam taped, while critically-taped garments only have taped areas with high exposure to water. Inadequate seam sealing can ruin even the most durable and waterproof/breathable fabric.

Water-repellent clothing is designed to be durable in any weather conditions. The material used to make water-repellent garments is hydrophobic, which prevents the water from penetrating through the garment. The water beads that form on a water-repellent garment are a sign that the garment is water-repellent. Water-repellent garments are usually breathable, too, because they contain a protective coating.

Unique playing characteristics

Derbystar's football is one of the best in the world. Official match ball of the German Bundesliga and Dutch Eredivisie, it is the market leader in amateur football. Its 32 panels, made of natural latex and a natural latex bladder, ensure the ball's flight stability and optimum grip. A contrasting design makes the football more visible for goalkeepers and other players.

The balls used for the game are of the highest quality. The football's 32-panel design guarantees optimal roundness, and the ball is made from PU material of the highest quality. It is approved by FIFA and meets the specifications of the German Bundesliga. In addition to that, it features an eye-catching diamond structure for optimal ball performance. For the perfect match, your kids can practice on the latest and greatest game balls.

Compasstrainer stickers

The Compasstrainer football training device is a revolutionary sports product that improves the interaction between running path, shoe, and football. The trainer enables players to improve their shot-pass technique, ambidexterity, and bipedality. The trainers work with a coach or teacher who guides the players during training. The Compasstrainer device costs 60 Euro, which includes the device and learning material.

Designed by Devran Sezek, the Compasstrainer is a colourful football that helps young players improve their shot-pass technique and ambidexterity. This football trainer is now available on the Derbystar Boys' Football Shorts, and it should help young players become better footballers. The stickers, which are designed to encourage better practice, can be found on the shorts.

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