Best Derbystar Football Balls in 2022

Derbystar Football Balls

DERBYSTAR is a leading supplier of match balls in football leagues around the world, and has been part of SELECT SPORT since 1991. In fact, SELECT / DERBYSTAR has been the official match ball supplier of the Bundesliga since 2018. These footballs are highly durable, are hand-stitched in the factory, and come in vibrant red and grey colors. Besides the quality materials, they feature dynamic colours and vibrating cover.

Derbystar Football Balls are hand-stitched in the factory

The renowned Derbystar brand began in 1968. This manufacturer specializes in hand-stitched sports balls. In the mid-1970s, synthetic materials were considered revolutionary. Today, Derbystar continues to set new standards. The quality of these balls is unsurpassed, and they're hand-stitched in the factory. The factory's commitment to quality is apparent in the high-quality materials and workmanship.

Since 1947, Derbystar/Select has taken its social responsibility seriously. The company produces three million balls annually in its factory in Pakistan, while also ensuring that its workers enjoy fair working conditions. The company's factory in Pakistan is Fairtrade certified, and employees benefit from comprehensive health and education programs. DERBYSTAR footballs are used by many of Germany's professional teams.

In addition to its commitment to quality, Derbystar Football Balls are also handmade in the factory. The factory has been supplying the official match balls of the Bundesliga 2 for over half a century. The partnership will run until 2021/22.

For more information about the quality of Derbystar Football Balls, visit their website. Its commitment to quality means that it meets the standards of professional and amateur teams around the world. In fact, all professional and amateur clubs around the world use Derbystar footballs. For quality and craftsmanship, DERBYSTAR is one of the top brands in the world. These balls are also hand-stitched in the factory, making them the perfect training and competition ball.

They have a zero-wing bladder

DERBYSTAR Football Balls have a zero-wing shaped bladder made of high-performance natural latex. The concept was designed to keep the ball round by creating a balance point on the opposite side of the valve hole. With the zero-wing bladder, you will experience the best balance on flight and an exciting bounce. These footballs are made to meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

The official match ball of the Dutch Eredivisie season 2016/2017 is the Derbystar Brillant APS 2016. It features soft contact, accurate jump, and flight behavior and zero-Flugel bladder of natural latex. The zero-wing bladder maintains the ball's optimum round shape and represents the highest quality product. The zero-wing bladder is important for players, coaches, and spectators alike.

The DERBYSTAR 2022 Official Match Ball features a new textured surface, a zero-wing latex bladder, and a 32-panel design for a perfectly round ball. Hand-stitched to ensure a firm grip, the BRILLANT APS is a premium hand-stitched football. The DERBYSTAR team was one of the first companies to use synthetic materials in making sports balls, and continues to improve the quality of their products.

They have a vibrating cover

The DERBYSTAR Football Balls are an innovative way to enhance the game. Featuring a 32-panel design, these balls are made from high-quality PU materials and feature a matt surface with reflective strips. Made in Germany, the DERBYSTAR Football Balls are approved by FIFA and are available in the official match ball for the Bundesliga. They feature a patented diamond-shaped design and vibrating cover that helps players stay alert and focused on the game.

The vibrating cover on the Derbystar makes it easier for players to make accurate catches. It also improves the ball's resale value. Used or new, the Derbystar has a resale value of 0.14. Its durability makes it the perfect ball for competitive use. The vibrating cover gives this ball a distinctive sound when kicked or hit. It also offers an excellent feel, and it's durable, so players will be able to see it in the air.

Tests have also shown that the new Derbystar Football Balls have a shorter flight distance than their counterparts. Interestingly, the new Derbystar does not have the same vibrating cover as the old ones. In fact, the new Derbystar has a shorter flight distance than the Telstar18 or Merlin, which are two soccer balls made from rubber-based synthetic leather and are hand-stitched to create the distinctive vibrating cover.

They are made with a grey and red design

The official match ball of the 2. and Bundesliga will be produced by DERBYSTAR. This ball will debut in the 2. Bundesliga early in August, and it will feature the club's logo. The grey and red design of the ball is particularly striking. The first game in the Bundesliga will also feature the ball, and it will be used in the context of the Supercup between Eintracht Frankfurt and German champion FC Bayern Munich.

DERBYSTAR football balls are almost all of the same quality as FIFA Match Standard or FIFA Quality Pro. These standards are the same as those used by FIFA, a neutral body that tests the balls to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. FIFA matches measure a ball's roundness, bounce, water absorption, weight, and shape and size retention. This design is called Team Training.

During the 1970s, the Telstar was the first ball to feature colour. This futuristic ball incorporated a 32-panel globe pattern in which pentagons were white and hexagons were black. The ball was a blocky look at the time, but it quickly became iconic. In fact, the Telstar design has a history that goes back to the earliest days of the game.

They are made in Germany

The patented zero-wing bladder of DERBYSTAR footballs is a unique feature of this football. Made of High Performance Natural Latex, this bladder helps the ball remain round, balanced, and lively. In addition, it features a double-lock valve that reduces air loss. It is also water-repellent and durable, making it perfect for any weather. DERBYSTAR footballs are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor play.

Founded in 1968, DERBYSTAR is the pioneer in the production of hand-stitched sports balls. They were also among the first manufacturers to use synthetic materials in their production, which were revolutionary in the mid-70s. Today, Derbystar's soccer balls remain a benchmark in innovation. These are some of the reasons why DERBYSTAR is a favorite among soccer players worldwide.

The German Bundesliga has a long history with Derbystar. In the seventies and eighties, many matches featured Derbystar soccer balls. This German-made soccer ball company is a subsidiary of Select Sport A/S, a Danish sports group. As a result, the ball company is a global player, with soccer balls sold in countries such as England and Germany. The official match ball of the Bundesliga is made of top-quality materials, which remain flexible even in cold temperatures.

As a pioneer in synthetic footballs, DERBYSTAR has always been a leader in innovation. In the 1979/80 season, all thirty-six matches between the Bundesliga's best teams were played using DERBYSTAR balls. During this time, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern Munchen chairman, scored 26 goals with the ball that was produced by DERBYSTAR. With this impressive record, the ball won the Bundesliga for the fifth time in a row.

They are used in the Bundesliga

DERBYSTAR is a sports goods company that has been used in the German leagues since the 1970s. The company first represented itself in the Bundesliga in the 1970s, when it formed partnerships with various clubs. During the 1979/80 season, all 306 matches were played with DERBYSTAR balls. The company's innovative approach to soccer balls has been highly acclaimed and the brand continues to lead the industry in innovation.

The new ball is designed to represent the diversity of fans and clubs in the league. It has a striking mint and magenta color scheme with bright white panels. The contrasts between the two colors ensure that the ball is highly visible. The ball will also be used by the defending champions, such as Schalke and Borussia Dortmund. The ball also features silhouettes of fans who cheer for their team.

In addition to the new DERBYSTAR football ball, the company is committed to improving the social and environmental impact of their business. Derbystar is responsible for ensuring the quality of their products and ensures fair working conditions for its workers. The company manufactures three million balls each year in Pakistan. The company produces its balls at Anwar Khawaja Industries, which is a Fairtrade certified company. As part of their commitment to the local community, the company supports a comprehensive health and education programme.

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