Best Derbystar Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

Derbystar Goalkeeping Gloves Review

There are many reasons to invest in Derbystar Goalkeeping Gloves. These gloves are made with top-class goalkeeper glove features like a perfect fit, great adhesion in all weather conditions, latex on the back of the hand, and individually usable sticks. They are extremely durable and can prevent you from getting injured, and they are not available from your regular suppliers. These pros have taken their expertise to develop a line of gloves for the needs of goalkeepers.

Adhesion Extreme foam

The latest DERBYSTAR Goalkeeping Gloves are made with Adshesion Extreme foam, the latest development in the field of adhesion foam. This 3 mm sandwich foam is 3.5 mm thick and offers optimal grip in all weather conditions. Moreover, the gloves come with a red or white color and are made from natural latex. Adhesion Extreme foam is cushioned and is ideally suited for those with thin fingers and a large game area.

The Derbystar Goalkeeping Gloves are designed for adults and children and feature an advanced foam backing. They come with a wide velcro strap and an elastic wristband to ensure a perfect fit and the greatest comfort for the goalkeeper. The high-end materials used in the gloves make them ideal for the serious player. The grippy foam is backed by ES-V Game Line latex, which is four millimeters thick.

The DERBYSTAR Goalkeeping Gloves are lightweight, but they do provide great protection. Their lightweight design is ideal for training goalkeepers, and their wrist and index fingers are protected by a soft PU leather. Their fingersave technology is effective for blocking even the hardest shots. Padding between the thumb and index finger is designed to keep the palm from becoming sore. The outer layer is sticky and water-resistant.


A number of goalkeepers prefer DERBYSTAR Goalkeeping gloves. They feature an Optisize/Ergonomic Fit System for comfort and flexibility. This allows the gloves to conform to the movements of the hand without sacrificing durability or performance. A number of other DERBYSTAR features make their gloves a popular choice among soccer players. This review focuses on the benefits of PVC-free goalkeeping gloves.

DERBYSTAR goalkeeper gloves are PVC-free. Their wide, cushioned interiors are shaped to accommodate smaller hands and fingers. The gloves also have Adhesion Extreme foam, a new advancement in adhesive foam. Made of 3.5mm natural latex adhesion foam, the gloves give the goalkeeper optimal grip in any weather. The gloves are available in red, black, white, and blue.

Unlike traditional PVC-based balls, DERBYSTAR soccer balls are made of PU material. Compared to PVC balls, PU balls are softer and offer a more stable trajectory. The balls can also remain supple even at low temperatures, which extends their life. The PU material also requires less cleaning and maintenance, which is an added bonus. If durability is your primary concern, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of PVC-free goalkeeping gloves.

Optisize/ergonomic fit system

Optisize/ergonomic fit systems ensure that your goalkeeper gloves are comfortable and flexible. These systems also allow the gloves to adapt to the movements of your hand and provide a perfect fit for all size goalkeepers. This way, you can be sure that your glove will stay on your hand for maximum comfort and flexibility. The Optisize/ergonomic fit system is very useful for goalkeepers who play various positions.

The Optisize/ergonomic fit systems of the Derbystar Goalkeeping Gloves allow you to select the right size for your hand. When purchasing the gloves, it is advisable to measure your hand first. The circumference of your hand is the length from the tip of your pinky finger to the tip of your thumb. Round up to the nearest whole inch. One inch is equal to two fingers, so you need to purchase the right size goalkeeper gloves for your hand.

Optisize/ergonomic fit systems have many advantages. Optisize/ergonomic fit systems ensure that you can wear the gloves comfortably for the entire duration of the game. You will also be able to adjust the fit of the gloves using a touchpad or mouse. If you have thin hands, you should choose a glove that has negative cut technology. This will allow your fingers to wrap around the ball and improve grip.

Handsewn in the factory

A company that specializes in making sports balls, Derbystar is known worldwide for its high quality soccer balls. They have developed a reputation for producing balls with good playing characteristics and perfect rounding. The soft ball contact helps maintain good ball control. In addition to soccer balls, they also produce handballs and futsal balls under the Select brand. The company has expanded its product line to include soccer balls, training accessories, and team clothing.

The Derbystar goalkeeping gloves are hand-sewed in the factory. The ring and little fingers are the most difficult to modify. The inside should face out, because this will prevent the adhesive foam from getting damaged. If the insides of the gloves are facing in, sewing two fingers together creates a large finger. As a result, the fingers are slightly oversized. In this way, the gloves are breathable and durable.

The Derbystar goalkeeping gloves are hand-sewed in the factory. They are available in a range of styles and materials. The Derbystar Finger Protection Gloves are one of the most interesting models on the market. The company also makes fantastic children's goalkeeping gloves. They feature latex upper hands and good grip. The goalkeepers should consider the cut of their gloves when making a purchase.


Quality Derbystar goalkeeping gloves offer a variety of great features. They have the unique G3 technology for incredible grip, a Pro Flex design that improves flexibility and mobility, and a moisture-wicking air vent for improved breathability. You'll find that these gloves are incredibly comfortable, and they also come in a variety of different colours and cuts. Whatever style you prefer, you're sure to find the right pair for you!

When buying goalkeeping gloves, you may not want to go overboard with the price tag. However, there are some great options for the budget-conscious goalkeeper. The Predator Pro is one such option. With 4mm of Contact+ foam, this glove delivers exceptional grip for both wet and dry conditions. There are even budget-friendly models of this glove, which are great for Sunday leagues. A pair of these gloves is a great investment for a keeper starting out.

The brand is based in Goch, Germany and specializes in producing soccer balls. The name derives from the equestrian sport and was spun off as a separate brand in Goch just a few years ago. The company has since expanded their product range and is available at retail outlets worldwide. The quality of their products is second to none, and it's important to know where to buy the best ones. If you are considering buying a new pair of goalkeeping gloves, consider buying a set that matches your style and is made to last for a long time.


While many players prefer a different brand, some players swear by the unique design and construction of the Derbystar goalkeeping gloves. A key difference between the Derbystar range and other goalkeeper gloves is their slight forward bend, which corresponds to the natural gripping position of the hand. These features ensure comfort and flexibility. Among the features of the APS Protection Zelos goalkeeper glove is an elastic insert between the thumb and index finger that prevents accidental catches. They feature good air permeability, a three-mm soft latex back and an all-around wrist closure for stability.

During the 1950s, goalkeeper Jack Fairbrother, of Newcastle United, lost his goalkeeping gloves during a game. To get them back, he borrowed a pair from a policeman in the stands at Market Street. The thief had a hard time returning the gloves, so the policeman who was in attendance helped him climb over the wall. The same story applies to goalkeeper Alan Boswell. He once wore a pair of table tennis gloves made from the pimpled rubber from table tennis bats, sewn on by his mother and wife.

In the Nineties, Puma helped a young goalkeeper who only had two fingers. Joseph Pritchard was born with one hand and two fingers. Due to the fact that he did not have enough fingers, he had a tough time finding goalkeeper gloves that fit his hands. In response, Puma designed goalkeeping gloves with two fingers and a thumb. The new style was a big hit among the Premiership goalkeepers, but some players were disappointed with its inflexibility and a lack of flexibility.

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