Best Erima Girls’ Football Trousers in 2022

Erima Girls' Football Trousers

If you're looking for a pair of girls' football trousers, the Erima brand has the right piece of kit for your daughter. Its history dates back to the early 1900s, when Remigius Wehrstein founded the company. He originally sold gymnastics clothing, but soon turned his attention to sportswear and began renaming the company Erima. Based in Pfullingen, Germany, the brand began to focus on swimwear and high-quality sports fabrics. Its shirts, in particular, were instrumental in winning the 1974 World Cup.


With its innovative new material and design, ERIMA HYBRID TRAINING for girls football trousers is revolutionizing football pants. The trousers combine hand-stitched and adhesive technology, with an outer skin made of robust polyurethane, and seams that are specially protected and reinforced. The trousers' "Soft Touch" material offers enhanced comfort for the wearer. It is no wonder that ERIMA athletes are competing for medals at the Rio Olympics and are wearing ERIMA football pants. Germany is currently #1 in the medal table.

Erima's history

If you're interested in the company's history, you've come to the right place. Erima GmbH is a German sportswear manufacturer based in Pfullingen. As of July 2019, the company's logistic center is located in Kirchentellinsfurt, and the administrative headquarters will be relocated to Kirchentellinsfurt in 2021. Erima also has subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Austria, and Switzerland. This company is one of the oldest still-thriving companies in Europe. Erima's history dates back to 1900 when Remigius Wehrstein first opened a business selling gym clothes and sports equipment. This company is also known for producing shirts for the 1974 World Cup, and was later taken over by Wolfram Mannherz.

Erima's history is an important piece of New Zealand history. The village was originally a German tobacco plantation, which was later taken over by the Astrolabe Company. The plantation was complete with a dock, administrative buildings, and tobacco drying rooms. In addition, the town was connected to a railroad that passed through Alternate Erima. Today, it is a bustling town, with a vibrant cultural and economic life.

The last name Erima is very common in Uganda, where it is borne by approximately one in every 2,500 people. It may also occur as a variant. Despite its low frequency, Erima is the 151st most common last name on earth, with approximately 95 percent of its bearers residing in Africa. Likewise, Erima is the world's twelve eighth most common first name, ranking just above one in every two thousand.

In addition to its role in Eritrean society, ERIMA also participates in various activities related to health. Its Continuing Medical Education, research activities, and fund-raising activities are a few of the aims of the Eritrean Medical Association. It hopes to strengthen ties with sister associations and to involve Eritrean physicians working abroad. In the meantime, ERIMA hopes to celebrate its 22nd anniversary on 18th March.

Erima's sportswear

The Erima SQUAD range impresses with clear lines and versatility that make it perfect for both team sports and everyday use. Its mix of high-quality materials provides optimal comfort and functionality. The Erima SQUAD WORKER PANTS are made from soft functional material, featuring ribbed trims at the hem and sleeves. The pants' high-quality materials ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer.

The company is one of Germany's oldest sportswear brands. Its classic designs and elegant aesthetic have earned it a place in sportswear history. Founded in 1900 by Remigius Wehrstein, the company changed ownership and renamed itself Erima. In the 1930s, the brand's focus shifted to sports fabrics and swimwear. Its shirts helped win the World Cup in 1974.

Today, the ERIMA brand has a long-standing association with Olympic success. The HYBRID TRAINING technology combines the advantages of hand-stitched and adhesive techniques. A sturdy polyurethane outer skin with specially protected seams makes Erima's girls' football trousers comfortable and durable. These trousers are also breathable, making them perfect for a warm climate. Erima is the official supplier of the German Olympic team at four Olympic Games.

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