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Alex Lopez

Birthday January 1, 1986
Age 30

Aaron Asquez

Birthday January 1, 1986
Age 30

Season 2002/03 – Manchester 62 FC Under 7’s Team

This has been the most challenging coaching experience I’ve had.  Not only was this my first time as coach and therefore a steeper learning curve, it was also my first time dealing with a group of 6/7 year olds.  My main concern was their safety so I was always on the lookout for any potential dangers in the playing area, football equipment and even their own cloths/accessories.
Another important aspect I learned while coaching the under 7’s team was how to approach them and talk to them in a way that wouldn’t expose them in front of their peers.  This was sometimes difficult as occasionally I had to correct them in front of their team mates, I didn’t want them to feel exposed or embarrassed.  I got around this by choosing a different child each time, explaining things in a friendly, positive way and rewarding them when they did it right.  This gave them a sense of importance within the team.

Season 2009/10 – Manchester 62 FC Under 9’s Team

I was lucking enough to coach some talented players in this age group.  They wanted feedback from me and parents on how they performed during a match, training session or even a particular drill.  They also noticed teammate’s abilities and started to compare themselves with them.  I gave verbal recognition when they properly execute a skill; this kept a positive attitude during the sessions.
I avoided drills where the kids were waiting in line; I tried to give them as much time on the ball as possible.  Cones were laid out for two or three drills to avoid any downtime in-between drills, this also reduced the time for kids to misbehave.   Elimination games where players sit if they lost were never used, chances are that the losing player needs to practice more rather than be sitting down.

I would analyse my sessions and look at ways on how to improve.  Basically I learned from my own mistakes and by reading about coaching on the internet.

Season 2010 to 2013 – Manchester 62 FC (Senior)

During this period I assisted Joseph Lopez who was the Head Coach at the time.  Players had a higher technical ability and a better understanding of the game. This meant that more challenging sessions had to be planned and more aspects of the game covered.  Also, at this stage players already have a style of play and have bundle of experience in their positions.  This allows me to sometimes train/coach players according to their own position.  Fitness becomes an important factor too, so having a good pre-season and a good fitness plan is also essential.

Season 2013 to Date – Manchester 62 FC (Senior)

I had the honour to be appointed Head Coach of the senior squad this year.  We have transformed the team with many new signings and youth players.

International Duties 2013 to Date – Gibraltar FA Under 17’s

June – Albania                     UEFA Development Tournament
October – Armenia                  UEFA Euro Qualifiers


I thoroughly enjoy my coaching and I am always trying to learn from others and get new ideas off the internet, hence my interest in taking my coaching career to the next level by doing the UEFA A Licence course.

Coaching Qualification

Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football – Awarded December 2009

I.) First Aid Awarded 9th February 2010

II.) Child Protection Awarded 9th February 2010

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football – Awarded December 2011


UEFA B LICENCE – Awarded May 2013