Best FORZA Marker Boards in 2022

FORZA Marker Boards

If you are looking for a versatile marking tool, FORZA has a variety of options. Choose from double-sided corrugated dry-wipe tactics boards, bend-resistant aluminum frames, corner protectors, and player magnets. For added convenience, these boards also come with a whiteboard pen and carry case. Here are a few reasons to invest in a FORZA board. Listed below are some of the best products for coaching and practice.

5,000 XP Bonus Board

In the game, you need to reach the 5,000 XP Bonus Board. Luckily, it is not as hard as it seems, and it's relatively easy to achieve. It's situated on a roof of a small building. It can be reached by either vehicle, and is easy to obtain. A car with high acceleration and offroad handling is the best choice to reach this goal.

The XP Bonus Board can be found at several locations. The first is at the chicken farm, which is located behind the orange building. Another is near the dirt road, which runs between two white houses. Another location is in the grassy area outside a large orange building. It is also next to a tree. Lastly, you can find the 5,000 XP Bonus Board at a large yellow hotel.

Another bonus board to look for is the Los Jardines white tent, which awards 5,000 XP when smashed. Though this isn't an enormous amount of experience, it is helpful for leveling up. You can also earn wheelspins from it. Once you unlock the ramp, smashing the board is relatively easy. However, you must make sure to be fast enough to hit it.

Maps are extremely helpful when it comes to finding the XP Bonus Board. In the game, the map is useful because it shows you where the boards are and lets you zoom in. The map can also be saved for mobile use. The map shows the XP Bonus Boards, but it doesn't show Fast Travel Boards. However, this map does show the locations of the Barn Finds.

Full pitch view

With a large reversible display, the FORZA Marker Boards offer plenty of space for coaches to draw up multiple strategies for each team. A full pitch view is featured on one side, with regulation markings on the reverse side. The double-sided design makes it easy to flip from one side to the other for pitch-side or training purposes. A magnetic board with full pitch view is also available.

The FORZA Coaching Clipboard has a whiteboard that is wipe-clean and features accurate regulation lines. It comes with a fine-point marker pen and an eraser lid. It is also equipped with a sturdy metal clip and is compatible with multiple sports. The FORZA Marker Boards are a great addition to your coaching equipment and a great option for those who want to coach more than one sport.

Storage tray

Designed for maximum collaboration action, the Collaboration Station Mobile Whiteboard from FORZA is a highly versatile tool. Featuring a dual-sided dry erase surface and a handy storage tray, the Collaboration Station is perfect for employee collaboration areas, training rooms, and more. The board's powder-coated steel frame offers a solid foundation for the board and magnetic surface makes hanging reference materials easy. To maximize space efficiency, the whiteboard also comes with a locking mechanism for easy transportation.

Available in a variety of premium models, FORZA Wheeled Coaching Whiteboards are a versatile and highly effective teaching tool. These large boards display regulation markings for various sports, and include a storage tray to prevent them from moving around. It also includes a pen and eraser, magnets, and ample writing space for your notes and diagrams. The board is available in five sport-specific variants, so it can suit any coach's needs.


The FORZA marker board comes with an eraser. The 4-inch x 2-inch eraser is made from robust felt and plastic. The eraser comes with an integrated magnet to help you attach the board to the wall or whiteboard. It also comes in a set of four, making it easy to keep one with each board. It is easy to clean, too. The eraser is made of felt so it leaves no residue on your board.

These boards are also available with an optional mini eraser. They're perfect for use during surveys, review games, and scratch work. These boards also have pockets that are great for tracing letters or practicing fractions. Erasers are also available for other FORZA Marker Board accessories. Its convenient size makes it easy for anyone to use. In addition to pens, the FORZA Marker Board also has dry-erase pen and eraser accessories.

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