Best G-Form Football Shin Guards in 2022

Predator Pro G-Form Football Shin Guards

Predator Pro

If you're a serious football player, you'll need protection for your shins. The Predator Pro G-Form football shin guards will give you protection without sacrificing comfort. They are designed to wrap around your leg for a second skin feel, so you won't even realize they're there until they hit you in the leg. These protective gears weigh less than a pound, and the shin guards have the same protective features as the Pro-S Blade.

These protective shin guards feature compression sleeve, hardshell top, and a two-panel design for increased flexibility and comfort. The compression sleeve holds the shin pad in place, while the removable shield inlay provides additional shock absorption and external grip. The Predator Pro is one of the best-all-round shin guards available.

The flexible sleeve and protective padding give the Predator Pro G-Form Football Shoe Guards their lightweight design. They look like they are too big but weigh only 2.5 oz. While the foam inside the padding is thick, the guards are light and comfortable, so they won't slow you down. They're designed for the newest generation of football players who love to make plays.


The G-Form Pro-S Football Shin Guards combine proprietary composite constructions and XRD(r) Technology to provide superior impact protection, comfort and performance. These shin guards meet or exceed the stringent European Union safety standards. These lightweight shin guards provide a perfect balance of protection, comfort and performance. Designed to keep your shins dry and free of sweat, these G-Form football shin guards are comfortable and lightweight.

The G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards have a lower profile and are fully articulated to keep the shin protected. The two-panel lycra sleeve helps reduce heat and sweat, and is machine washable. The G-Form Pro-S Elite Football Shin Guards are available in two-tone and color choices. The black color is ideal for football players who prefer a uniform look.

Pro-S Elite

The Pro-S Elite shin guard is designed to provide protection against hard tackles, but also remains lightweight and comfortable. It features a two-panel lycra sleeve that ensures maximum breathability and comfort. And, it's easy to wear and can even be machine-washed. That's an added bonus, as many football players are always on the move.

The Pro-S Elite soccer shin guard is the ultimate shin protection. It's the lightest and lowest-profile shin guard on the market, and it features an engineered circular knit sleeve and gradient compression at the calf. The lightweight padding is made of SmartFlex, which softens and hardens on impact. The shin guard is designed for maximum comfort and protection, and it's also machine-washable.

The G-Form Pro-S Elite shin guard is the world's first soft sleeve style shin guard. Its unique SmartFlex(tm) construction hardens on impact, reducing heat and sweat. The Pro-S Elite is machine-washable and meets NOCSAE standards. The sleeve style guard is designed for high performance and protection on the field, and is lightweight enough to be worn comfortably under pants and other apparel.

A soft foam construction with RPT is another feature of the G-Form Pro-S Elite. This technology enables the body-mapped shape to protect the shin and absorb shock. It is especially effective against hard tackles and collisions. The patented moulded composite construction provides a natural fit and prevents the shin guard from slipping off the shin. These G-Form football shin guards are an excellent choice for players playing in a high-impact game.


The SmartFlex(tm) technology in G-FORM Football Shin Guards instantly hardens upon impact and dissipates energy. This provides distraction-free play. The streamlined sleeve construction provides support for muscles while maintaining a low profile. It also reduces cleat slippage. G-FORM football shin guards are available in several different styles.

The new G-Form football shin guards are made with an advanced technology known as SmartFlex Stretch. The unique four-way stretch design delivers increased mobility and breathability to the pad and joint. The resulting enhanced flexibility makes these pads ideal for sports that require quick movements, such as basketball. Similarly, basketball players need a great deal of flexibility in their elbows for accuracy and performance. The SmartFlex Stretch is ideal for this type of movement, providing a legendary level of impact protection.

Reactive Protective Technology

Reactive Protective Technology in G-Format football shin guards absorbs impact energy by instantly stiffening on impact and reverting to a softer state. This revolutionary technology absorbs over 90% of impact energy and is so flexible and low-profile that it can be worn over clothing. The result is an excellent barrier between the player's shin and the ball.

The G-Form team was founded by athletes, and the new shin guards incorporate revolutionary polymer technology. This is an industry first for shin guards, which have not undergone major change since the late 1800s. The revolutionary technology in G-Form shin guards will change the way these products protect players. They will also be available to clubs and high-end retail distribution.

Reactive Protective Technology in G-Formal Football Shin Guards is the perfect choice for players who want to protect their legs while playing football. The protective layer is made of a combination of soft and hard plastics that protect the player's shins from impact. The material is made from a blend of 95% polypropylene and 5% thermoplastic gum. The EVA backing provides excellent cushioning.

The new shin guards are lighter, more comfortable, and stronger than ever before. Thanks to constant research, these moulded shin pads are now designed to be almost invisible. The new G-Form football shin guards are so well made that professional athletes are already wearing them. There is a G-Form shin guard for every player, and more are coming.

When it comes to impact protection, no other football shin guard can compete. The newest G-Form Pro-S Elite shin guard is breathable and flexible and features Reactive Protective Technology. Its lightweight and breathable design ensures comfort. With this technology, players will have a better chance of hitting the ball without getting injured. Its Reactive Protective Technology is a key component in protecting the player from injuries.

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