Best Hawkwell Girls’ Football Boots in 2022

Ida Youngson - The Designer Behind the Hawkwell Girls' Football Boots

In this article, we'll find out more about Ida Youngson, the designer behind the Hawkwell Girls' Football Boots. Ida is an ambassador for Hawkwell. In this article, she'll discuss the history of the Hawkwell, as well as the importance of the boot's stiffness and traction. She'll also explain why females should wear the same type of boot as their male counterparts.

Ida Youngson

Women have had systemic challenges playing football, such as finding boots that fit properly. Because women's feet are built differently than men's, they have been forced to wear kid's football boots or men's football boots. While women have made do with their footwear options, it's time for change. A new generation of female-specific football boots has been created by Ida Sports, which aims to break down this barrier and promote gender equality in sport.

Ida Sports co-founder Laura Youngson believes that women should play football, and is using the Equal Playing Field grassroots initiative to change this. Youngson's company has created football boots for women, which are made to fit and support women. While the Equal Playing Field initiative is an important step, women's football boots still aren't as well-made or comfortable as their male counterparts.

The company's success can be attributed in part to Laura Sandhu's world record attempt in children's football boots. This was the result of research on women's feet. Laura realised that kids' football boots and men's football boots were too small for women's feet. She co-founded Ida Sports with Ben Sandhu, an entrepreneur and former semi-professional cricketer. The duo were both frustrated by the sexualization of football gear and the lack of women's-specific options.

A group of women from 20 countries recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to play a high-altitude football match. The match was held by the Equal Playing Field initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes gender equality and sports development for girls around the world. This elite team included Olympians, national stars, and captains, and they played in freezing conditions to win.

Ida Youngson designed Hawkwell Girls' Football Boots

The Hawkwell Girls' Football Boots are made by Ida Sports, which was founded by Laura Youngson. The company is a grassroots initiative challenging gender inequality in sport. The company has a for-profit and non-profit model. Ida has a good balance between the two. Women's football boots need to be comfortable for both players and fans. In this case, the runner's knot helps alleviate roominess at the midfoot.

Ida Sports was founded in Australia by Laura Youngson, who had a tough time finding comfortable football boots for herself. Eventually, she learned that women's feet were not built the same way as men's. Laura and Ben met while playing indoor football for the "Galahs" in Australia's Premier Elite Futsal competition. They soon teamed up to design football boots specifically for women.

Ida Sports' goal was to reduce the risk of ACL tears in female footballers. This was a common cause of female knee injuries and Ida's boot aims to eliminate that risk. The team aims to reduce women's risk of ACL tears and create football boots that are comfortable and supportive for all female players. Hawkwell Girls' Football Boots have already been worn by AFLW and W-League players.

A new campaign aims to eradicate gender inequalities in football by creating a female-specific boot. The campaign is backed by the Equal Playing Field Foundation, an international non-profit initiative aiming to promote equality in sport and promote sports development for girls worldwide. The team consisted of Olympians, captains and national stars, who played the highest altitude football game ever seen.

Ida Youngson is an ambassador for Hawkwell

Hawkwell has a unique way of helping female footballers. The product is made specifically for female foot size. According to the Guardian, two of the top five female players wear boots from Puma, Adidas, and Nike. Youngson's campaign is called "Equal Playing Field" and is based on breaking world records to highlight the inequalities in sport between men and women.

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