Best JOMA SPORT Men’s Football Boots in 2022

JOMA SPORT Men's Football Boots

The Joma brand was founded in 1965 by Fructoso Lopez, the father of a young son. The company originally produced general-use shoes but in 1968 began to specialize in sport shoes and enter the football market. In addition to its headquarters in Spain, Joma Sport has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its products are now sold in over 70 countries worldwide. If you're looking for men's football boots, then consider the following.

Top Flex technology

Designed for elite footballers on natural grass surfaces, the JOMA SPORT Men's Football boots feature a unique sole system. Designed with two densities in mind, the soles twist and flex in sync with the player's natural foot flexion and movement, while preventing strains. The sole weighs only 52 grams, making it a lightweight option for the serious player. The Top Flex technology is included in all joma football boots, including the Joma Champions and Propulsion Lite models.

Made with three patented technologies, the Joma Top Flex provides maximum flexibility. The top-tier Joma model utilizes the Pulsor System, which consists of three pieces in the front and rear parts that absorb impact during jumps and thrust. The JOMA SPORT brand also developed Technology 360, which features a high-profile toecap that contours to the round outline of the foot. The bottom-line of Joma football boots is competitively priced.

The X-treme boots use a super-soft Japanese super microfiber upper for exceptional comfort. This material features a 3D texture, which helps control the ball better. Combined with 'Oxcited' insole tech, the X-treme men's football boots help keep the feet ventilated and dry. Although they're not cheap, Joma's football boots are made with thousands of hours of expert research and development.

Low-profile soles

Low-profile soles are the latest trend in men's football boots. A softer material is better for kicking, and the low-profile sole on JOMA SPORT men's football boots offers optimal traction during sprints. The low-profile sole provides exceptional traction and a smooth transition between the ball and the player's foot. Joma is a popular brand and offers a variety of colorways to fit any player's preference.

JOMA SPORT men's football boot designs offer a range of features to help boost your speed and agility. The low-profile soles are great for indoor and outdoor use, and the stud-less soles offer good grip so your boots won't slip even on smooth surfaces. Big-brand brands are constantly re-inventing their football boots, and this is no exception.

The soft leather and netting used in JOMA SPORT men's football shoes has been designed to adapt to the shape of your foot. You can adjust the netting to fit your foot in different ways, making the boot comfortable for most players. Its lace system is also adjustable, which is essential for comfort and fit. However, if you are concerned about your feet's fit, consider other options.

Choosing the right football boot is a difficult process. There are a multitude of brands and models, and they are often inconsistent in fit. Try on the boots before buying and ensure that you're comfortable with them. Another factor is weight. Lightweight football boots are great for close control while featherweight boots are meant for perfectly maintained pitches. If you're looking for a boot that can withstand bumps and puddles, go for lightweight boots.


JOMA SPORT's Men's Football Boots are highly flexible. These men's football boots are manufactured with premium-quality materials that provide optimum ventilation and comfort. They also feature a breathable upper and a protective rubber panel to protect the feet from the elements. The upper and lower parts of the boot are devoid of unnecessary seams. The inner liner is a thin nylon lining with abrasion-resistant material. The sole offers optimum flexibility, thanks to the flexo Phylon grooves.

A patented design makes the Joma model Top Flex a flexible shoe. Its top-notch design incorporates three patented technologies that adapt to the foot's contours, reducing the risk of injury. The lace-up closure is standard and the shoes come in men's standard sizes. The upper of the JOMA SPORT Top Flex 301 is made from leather and is available in medium width.

Indoor boots

The JOMA SPORT Men's Indoor Football Boots are designed to provide superior touch and traction for your foot, while being comfortable and non-marking. The Joma brand is known for providing great indoor football boots that are suitable for any playing surface. These boots feature the iconic J branding to the sides and are designed with comfort and durability in mind. They also come with a full length lace fastening and cushioned insole to prevent any irritation.

The quality of these shoes is exceptional, with many models featuring reinforcements on the toe. The best touch helps players turn passes and make tighter motions. The soft upper material makes them ideal for smaller sided games. You can even personalise the shoes with the BOOT iD service to have them customised for your feet. It is not surprising that Joma Football boots are used by so many renowned players, and you can buy them at a discount price!

The Joma Top Flex 301 harnesses exclusive patented technologies and features to provide maximum flexibility. They are made with sectioned rubber that fits the shape of your foot, preventing any injuries while playing. The double glued base makes the boots extremely comfortable for indoor and turf sports. The Joma SPORT Men's Indoor Football Boots are the ideal choice for the serious player looking for high-quality footwear.

Firm ground

The JOMA Propulsion Lite men's football boot is an excellent option for players who like to play in an offensive position. Its key feature is its lightness, so Joma meticulously studied its construction, materials, and manufacturing processes. The boot features an ultra-light, seamless upper, which is both water-repellent and durable. The SOCK SYSTEM upper provides protection for your foot, while the 360o SYSTEM outsole enhances traction and comfort.

QBFC partnership

The new men's football boots from JOMA SPORT are part of a partnership with Queensboro FC. The two organizations share a vision of uniting communities through the power of sport, while promoting diversity and equality. The partnership will feature football boots and related apparel designed to make a positive impact in the community. Whether the community is undergoing a crisis, the power of sports can provide a source of hope and healing for those suffering.

The JOMA SPORT brand was founded in 1965 by Fructoso Lopez. Originally used for general use, the brand started specializing in sports shoes in 1968. The brand entered the football market a few years later and is now present in more than 70 countries. QBFC is a major partner of Joma and the JOMA SPORT team is proud to support the club.

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