Best Kelme Women’s Football Boots in 2022

Kelme Women's Football Boots Review

If you're looking for quality football boots for women, KELME's selection of women's football boots will meet your needs. These women's football boots are designed with several key features, including shock absorption, wear resistance, lightweight and warmth. The PU insole and rubber outsole offer excellent grip and start-up reaction on the turf ground. The pictures in this article are from actual products, so you may experience color variations or chromatic aberration.

Ida Women's Football Boots

The Kelme Ida Women's Football boot is based on the Figtree Physiotherapy design which was developed by Dr Matt Whalan, the principal partner of the Australian national team. The design is based on the concept of eliminating a simple risk factor of injury - the shape of a female's foot. While males are known to suffer more from ACL injuries than women, it is still possible for women to suffer this injury in most codes.

In spite of these problems, the Kelme Ida Women's Football boot has several advantages over its male counterparts. The thick foam insole is the most comfortable to wear, and the boot offers the least clinging. In addition, the stud configuration was highly rated by BOOTHYPE reviewers. These women's football boots are suitable for any level of play, but smaller Asian sizes are recommended to avoid the problem of being too small.

Kleme football boots

The new adidas Phantom GT2 Elite football boots have been designed with fast-paced attacking players in mind. With a sock-lock fit and raised fine-textured texture, they provide optimal ball spin. The colourway is tangerine orange, reminiscent of the citrus trees of Seville. A comfortable and durable upper helps keep your feet cool during training or a match. These boots are available in a variety of colours to suit your preferences.

In Australia, one in three small businesses fails in the first year. The Ida football boot aims to eliminate this simple injury risk factor. Youngson and Sandhu met while playing mixed futsal and were inspired to design football boots for women specifically. The Ida boot comes with a wider toe box and narrow heel cup, and has unique stud placement. Kleme has also partnered with streaming services.

The new generation of the PUMA Ultra 1.3 is ready to take on the world's toughest opponents. With a textured upper and customisable lacing, this boot is the fastest football boot ever designed. Women's football boots are available in a regular Unisex fit as well as a women's specific fit. When purchasing football boots, always check the size and fit of the boot before purchasing.

The 1970s saw many advances in football boot design. New colours, lighter materials and more sponsorship came on the scene. Adidas, the market leader in the 1970s, made huge strides and released new technologies that revolutionised the world of football boots. The Copa Mundial boot, which debuted in 1979, became the best-selling boot of all time. It was made of kangaroo leather. After a couple of years, full-grain leather was introduced.

Ida boots

The Ida is a pair of women's football boots with a kangaroo leather upper and rubberized material on the side panels. The boots are very bulky and remind us of classic leather boots, but they are designed to accommodate the unique shape of a woman's foot. The lateral side panels have a runner's knot that relieves the midfoot space. The boot is not just for football. Women can also wear it to play basketball or volleyball.

The design of the Ida women's football boots is extremely innovative, with the thickest foam insole of any female football boot. This insole is breathable and comfortable, and the overall ride is great. Women can play in this boot with confidence thanks to its adequate traction and low-cling design. It also comes in Asian sizes, and the stud configuration is a major plus for female football players.

Ida Youngson

Founded in Australia, Ida Sports makes comfortable and stylish football boots for women. Laura Youngson, who played for a semi-professional team, was frustrated by the lack of options available for her feet. In a bid to make the game more accessible and inclusive for women, she consulted with podiatrists and physiotherapists as well as footwear designers to create football boots tailored for women's feet.

Inspired by her experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Laura Youngson teamed up with two other women to design the boot specifically for the female foot. They spent two years developing the boot to suit women's feet. Youngson and Sandhu met while playing amateur mixed futsal. The two then collaborated to create a boot that would fit the female foot and improve their performance.

Designed for women with smaller feet, Ida's football boots feature a kangaroo leather upper, and a rubberized material on the lateral side. These boots look like classic leather boots, but are bulkier. A large foam insole helps provide comfort and traction while still being lightweight. Women should try on smaller sizes if they are Asian-owned, as the Ida boot runs on the expensive side.

The first line of football boots designed specifically for women was launched in Australia in February 2016 and sold out almost immediately. The company recently exceeded a crowdfunding target for a shoe designed for women's futsal. As with any footwear design, women's feet are unique, and Ida's football boots are no exception. You'll be comfortable and look good while playing with these boots.

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