Best Mark Harrod Field Marking Equipment in 2022

Harrod Field Marking Equipment

If you're looking for some great products to use on your field, consider Harrod Field Marking Equipment. This company specializes in a range of field marking tools, including a line marker and a tape measure. Their range of products includes the WM1 Waveney Line Marker, which is ideal for marking grass pitches. The tank holds 18 litres of fluid and can mark 2 football pitches. If you need to mark corner boundaries, you'll want to check out their Fieldmaster Fluid, a weather-proof additive.

WM1 Waveny Line Marker

If you are looking for a versatile and affordable line marking machine, consider the Harrod WM1 Waveny Line Maker. Designed for grass pitches, the WM1 Waveney Line Marker has an 18-litre tank, enough to mark two football pitches. The machine also features interchangeable marking wheels for different line widths and sports regulations. Made of steel and polyester powder-coated blue, the WM1 Waveny Line Marker features a large rigid handle and heavy duty 305mm rubber wheels. The tank wheel lifts out to allow easy cleaning, making it a great choice for grass pitches.

The WM1 Waveny Line Maker comes with two interchangeable marking wheels for 50mm and 76mm pitches. Its heavy-duty rubber wheels also improve cornering and maneuverability. The WM1 Waveny also has a large 18-litre tank that allows you to mark out two football pitches in one fill. This line marker is also very durable and easy to clean, thanks to its removable tank and marking wheels.

Fieldmaster Fluid is a weather-proof additive

If you're in need of a weather-proof additive for Mark Harroid field marking equipment, you'll want to check out the Fieldmaster Fluid. This weather-proof additive is suitable for both manual and automatic field marking equipment and is sold in a 20 litre drum. It is recommended that you apply the fluid to a clean field first before you begin marking.

Fieldmaster Fluid is a weather-proof-additive for Mark Harrod field-marking equipment and can be purchased at your local dealer. It is equivalent to BS 671 and SSC 674, and is also recommended for use on the marking machine. Other types of marking equipment require a different kind of fluid. Some brands may not work with some types of markers.

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Mark Harrod is a MH Goals Managing Director

If there is one person who knows the ins and outs of goal post design and safety, it is Mark Harrod, MH Goals' Managing Director. His expertise in sports equipment safety puts him among the leading experts in this field. In addition to being an independent expert for the British Standards Institute, Mark Harrod also consults on European and British standards for sports equipment. He has worked with MH Goals for over 40 years and is one of only a handful of people in the world who holds this certification.

In addition to providing high-quality steel and aluminium football goals, MH Goals also manufactures a range of pitch essentials including goal posts and netting. Mark Harrod, Managing Director of MH Goals, is a leading expert in goal post safety and design and is a recognised independent expert by the BSI. As a result, MH Goals is proud to support local football clubs by supporting their community by providing affordable sports equipment.

As a member of the MH Goals Advisory Board, Mark is responsible for maintaining and improving safety standards for all products. He has also advised the British Standards Institution on the BSEN16579 safety standard for soccer goals. He also sits on CEN/TC 136 as a technical expert for sports equipment. MH Goals is a UK leader in goal post safety. Contact Mark Harrod today to discuss your needs.

MH Goals Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. It employs 17 people and is headquartered at UNIT 7A ELLOUGH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, HAMPSHIRE. Its latest acquisition is the production of Transfer Wheel Machines, which enables the company to provide customers with the best quality goal posts. A new partnership with the Hampshire FA has led to an exciting new partnership between MH Goals and the Football Foundation. It also means that affiliated members of the FA can avail of a 20% discount on goal posts.


The WM1 Waveny Line Marker machine and its accessories are perfect for sports ground marking. Its interchangeable marking wheels are great for both 50mm and 76mm pitches. Using a quality fluid will extend the life of your equipment and keep it in tip-top condition for years to come. Marking equipment is not indestructible but needs to be cleaned regularly to stay in tip-top condition.

The WM1 Waveney Line Marker from Harrod is used on grass pitches and is designed for marking two football pitches. Its 18-litre tank allows you to mark two football pitches at once. You can also buy additional wheels and replace the old ones. This will give you flexibility in a new match and keep your pitch looking great! To get the right equipment for your pitch, you can consult with a sports equipment specialist.

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You're looking for a high quality sports equipment manufacturer in the UK? Look no further than Mark Harrod Limited. For over 13 years, this company has been developing high-quality products to keep your pitch in top condition. From the latest line marking technology to the finest goalposts, Mark Harrod has you covered. Contact the company to find out more and see if they're a good fit for your club.

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