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Mikasa Footballs

When it comes to playing soccer, the Mikasa Serious soccer ball is one of the top sellers in the market. With a super-soft polyurethane cover, this ball feels fantastic to kick, dribble, and shoot with. Additionally, the ball is made with a durable, soft composite cover, and a 2-ply butyl bladder for maximum air retention. It's a great choice for Physical Education and soccer leagues, and comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Mikasa Serious soccer ball

The Mikasa Serious soccer ball is a size 5 soccer ball with a 23-inch diameter, making it an ideal choice for both beginning and experienced players. This ball features durable construction and is perfect for all types of surfaces, including turf and grass. Designed to withstand repeated use, it is perfect for youth, middle school, and even professional soccer players. The ball features four color schemes and a panel design. The Mikasa logo is located in the middle of the panel. The Mikasa Serious is durable and has a great feel to it.

The Mikasa Serious soccer ball is a soft but durable soccer ball with a blue and white design. Its butyl bladder provides excellent shape retention and air retention. The ball's machine-stitched panels provide a high degree of durability. The soft composite cover ensures that the ball will maintain its shape even after repeated play, which is essential for practicing headers. The Mikasa Serious soccer ball is made for competitive and recreational players of all ages and skill levels, and comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Another great feature of this soccer ball is its realistic feel and texture. Its cover is tough but feels soft to the touch. This allows players to play with their knees and chest to control the ball more realistically. The Mikasa Serious soccer ball can be found in five sizes and has a durable yet soft surface. In addition to the size, the Mikasa Serious soccer ball is also available in three different colors.

This soccer ball is FIFA-approved and made of premium quality polyurethane and synthetic leather. It is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. If you want a quality ball that will last for years, this is the one to choose. It is also affordable! It is an excellent choice for families with young children. It's a great choice for young players. The quality of this ball is unmatched and will help you get started with soccer.

Softness of the ball

The softness of MIKASA soccer balls is dependent on what you're using them for. These balls can be extremely hard on the outside, but are soft on the inside. It can be very uncomfortable to use for header practice, and the hardcover can feel like a meat tenderizer against your head. Soft balls are more comfortable for players who want to move the ball easily. They're also easier to control.

The Deluxe soft cushioned cover is a quality ball made with a 2 ply butyl bladder. It's best for moderately competitive play. It's available in green, blue, and red. The ball can be cleaned by using a soft cloth and water-diluted mild detergent. Once it's dry, be sure to inflate it to the correct pressure. Then, store it in a dry place and avoid sunlight to keep it in good condition.

Quality of the ball

The main difference between normal and high-quality footballs is the type of rubber covered on the balls carcass. Normal footballs are made from natural rubber, while soft foam balls are made from synthetic leather. The quality of both types of balls depends on their construction and level of durability. The most durable balls are stitched, while those that are not stitched are glued. The stitching on high-quality balls is done either manually or with a machine. Hand-stitched balls are more durable than machines.

Typically, a high-quality football has four layers of polyester and two layers of cotton lining. Low-quality balls have two layers of polyester and cotton lining. The cover is the outermost part of the football, and it protects the inner bladder. This makes it durable and allows the ball to bounce without deflating. High-quality balls have several lining layers, and they feel softer and bounce better.

Mid-quality balls are made from a high-quality synthetic leather cover. The synthetic leather material is more expensive than PU, but is more durable. It is also more water-resistant than PVC, so it is used to make premium match balls. Mid-quality balls use polyurethane, which gives them a leather-like feel, but is just as durable as PVC. Whether you're a serious soccer player or just a weekend warrior, there is a MIKASA football that's right for you.

The quality of MIKASA soccer balls can vary based on age, so make sure to check the ball's rating before you buy one. The US SVC5500 soccer ball is a good choice for toddlers, elementary school kids, and even middle-school kids. It holds air well and is durable enough for most types of soccer. In addition, the ball ships ready inflated, which is a huge bonus for a good ball.

Price of the ball

A huge selection of top brands and cheap prices make Mikasa Footballs a great purchase for soccer players. Jumia is the best place to buy them as they have the best prices and best offers. You can even pay on delivery for selected orders. Whether you're a soccer club owner or just a fan of the brand, you can find a football at a price that suits your budget.

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