Best Mitre Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

Mitre Goalkeeping Gloves

When you need the ultimate goalkeeping glove, you've come to the right place. Mitre's goalie glove line is made with air-mesh exteriors, breathable finger panels, and a kick-off and punch zone on the backhand for maximum comfort. Mitre's goalie gloves are available in various sizes, from junior to senior. Read on to learn more about each model. Listed below are a few of the highlights of each model.

Shotgun Gut

There are many different types of goalkeeping gloves available in the market. The Mitre Shotgun Gut is one such type. Featuring a flat palm and an elasticated cuff, these goalkeeping gloves are perfect for rough surfaces. These gloves come in both junior and senior sizes and are highly comfortable. In addition to their great performance, Mitre goalie gloves are available in various color combinations and designs. For more information on the Mitre Shotgun Gut goalkeeping gloves, please visit the official website of the brand.

Roll finger cut

The roll finger cut is one of the most popular designs in goalkeeping gloves. This design features a rolled, stitched palm and fingers, allowing for a snug fit and better ball contact. These gloves also are less bulky than negative-cut models, and typically cost more than PS30. Here are some of the benefits of roll finger goalkeeper gloves. Read on to find out what makes them so great.

The roll finger cut offers increased latex to ball contact. The roll finger cut features stitched-up palm latex and seams at the base of the index and middle fingers. The latex is then more tightly wrapped around the ball. This gives goalkeepers a better grip. The roll finger cut is more durable than negative-cut gloves, and is suitable for high-level play. It also offers better feel and flexibility.

A traditional cut is the flat palm, which has a single piece of latex. This type of cut has no gussets or wrap-around thumb. This cut is popular among goalkeepers because it allows the goalkeeper to keep the ball easier and with less pressure. Flat-palm gloves are less expensive, so you can purchase them at a sports shop. They should be no more than PS20, however.

There are three main types of cuts for goalkeeper gloves. Each one offers different benefits and drawbacks, as well as different fits. The flat cut is best for casual players, while the roll finger style is best for serious players. The roll finger cut offers better handling, but it is a bit bulkier than the other two. Ultimately, though, roll finger cut goalkeeper gloves are a good choice for anyone who plays soccer.

Negative Cut

The negative cut is a modern and stylish design for a goalkeeper's glove. Unlike traditional goalkeeper gloves with gussets, the negative cut is a much more snug fit and provides optimal control of the ball. Premium negative cut goalkeeping gloves generally cost PS30 or more. Let's take a closer look. These gloves come in several styles and are suitable for both experienced and aspiring goalkeepers.

A negative cut goalkeeping glove is designed to offer greater comfort, particularly for smaller hands. The negative cut is also ideal for goalkeepers who tend to have thinning fingers. They are available in several sizes, and you may want to buy a size larger than you normally would. In addition to offering an excellent fit, the Mitre Goalkeeping Gloves feature an anti-slip finish, which makes them great for preventing balls and pucks.

The negative roll cut is a stitched palm and fingers that offers a tighter fit than a standard Negative cut. It also avoids the "mit" shape. The negative roll design also provides a tight fit and space between the fingers. As a result, there's less latex contact with the ball. These goalkeeper gloves are available in sizes 7-11 and are available in various colours.

The Flat Palm goalkeeper glove has a simple design and is less expensive to manufacture. This type is best for casual goalkeeping and can be purchased from a sports shop for PS20. It is essential that the Mitre Goalkeeping Gloves fit properly so that you can keep the ball in your hands. If you're unsure about the fit of your glove, you should always try on a pair of flat palm goalkeeper gloves before you purchase one.


The Mitre Goalkeeping glove range offers the best of both worlds, combining lightweight and flexible construction with strong protection. The gloves' asymmetric fastening provides a secure fit and robust protection. The gloves are available in three styles, all of which offer a wide range of features. If you're on a budget, you can always buy the less expensive Supergrip HN model. This glove is a great choice for beginners, thanks to its affordable price and solid build.

These gloves feature the M-Tech latex construction for an incredible grip on artificial and Astro Turf surfaces. The palm is made of 3mm latex and features a special outer surface made of microscopic cavities for a better touch. The fingers are also well-protected by the glove's elasticated cuff. Kids' gloves from Mitre are available in the same design and cut as adult gloves, so there's no need to worry about fitting.

The Roll Finger cut is the most popular of the two styles. Unlike negative cuts, the roll fingers cut provides optimal flexibility and feel for the goalkeeper. The roll fingers cut is also popular, offering a balance between finger saves and negative cuts. This makes it ideal for players who play both defensive and offensive positions. The roll fingers are able to achieve great latex contact with the ball while maintaining a comfortable fit.

Featuring the UltraFlat cut, the Renegade GK glove offers a combination of features that make them an excellent choice for players who play on hard-ground or turf pitches. A pre-curved palm, a glued structure, and internal silicone help deliver a comfortable and breathable glove. The Renegade GK glove offers excellent coverage and is also available in adult sizes. When it comes to performance, these gloves deliver.

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