Best Paris Saint – Germain Boys’ Football Training Shirts in 2022

Nike Paris Saint-Germain Boys' Football Training Shirts

Fans buy PSG shirts each season because they wish to support a team that aims to win trophies and mythical status. Before the merger with the Paris Football Club, the Stade Saint-Germain used white shirts. Red and blue were adopted after the merger. In the early 1970s, the club's equipment supplier Coq sportif made several shirts that changed from season to season.

Nike shirts

Paris Saint-Germain is a famous French football club. Their new shirts feature the famous Nike logo and are branded with the "PSG" team name. This new team shirt is available in stadium and Vapor version. The shirt is all black with three colored stripes on the front in the colors of the French flag - red, white and blue. The goalkeeper's shirt is made of a green and blue colour combination with the PSG logo highlighted in the center.

PSG training gear is designed around the home, away and third kits. Each kit has its own performance technology and style. There is a selection of fan gear as well. Fans can wear the latest jersey or jacket to the practice sessions or games. The training jersey is a popular choice, and the team's fans can buy one to show their support. Nike also produces training shirts for the boys.

Hechter shirt

In the 1970s, Daniel Hechter designed the Paris Saint-Germain shirt. Inspired by the Ajax shirt, the shirt features a large vertical red stripe in the middle, followed by thin white borders. He changed the colors to blue and red, and eventually changed the shirt's overall shape. Since then, the design has evolved, and a variety of other variations of the same shirt have been produced.

PSG's iconic Hechter football shirt has become an icon for the club. This shirt was first introduced in the 1973 season, and was designed by the legendary sportswear designer. The stripes, which are trimmed in white and red, represent the French flag and Saint-Germain, the city where the club plays. The design is reminiscent of a classic football jersey, with a wide red centre stripe bordered by narrow white stripes and a blue background. In recent years, the stripes have become thinner, and the white area has been removed from the shirt. In 2016/17, the stripes have been replaced by deep burgundy stripes.

In 1981, PSG changed its away kit from red to white, and the iconic Hechter shirt came out of retirement. The PSG 2021 Jersey uniform features white shorts and black socks, a pink central stripe, and a classic vertical bar. This shirt was the first ever Paris Saint - Germain boys' football training shirts. So what is this shirt and why is it so important?

Hechter shirt at Camp des Loges

The Hechter shirt at Camp des Loge's was first worn by Parisians in 1973. Since then, many important moments have been marked in the team's history with this shirt. In 1982, it was worn for nine consecutive seasons. It was also worn as an away shirt during the Borelli era. Between 1994 and 2000, it was worn on the front line. It was later adopted by Pauleta in 2005, and by the club's new owners in 2011.

Since the formation of the Paris Saint-Germain team in 1970, the club's outfit has undergone many changes. In 1973, the club adopted blauw as their main color. The club's ontwerper, Daniel Hechter, designed the famous blauwe trui with a rode streep in the center of the rood. The blauwe trui is now considered one of the defining symbols of the club.

The blauw and red color scheme were inspired by the Ford Mustang. It was also the first jersey to feature a horizontal rode streep over the borst, and it was a favorite of many fans. In addition, the team wore red in the 1985-1986 season, which was the season when PSG won its first French league title. It has since been redesigned by Adidas and the shirt is now called Hechter-trui.

Nike shirts at Paris Saint - Germain

In the 1970s, Nike started equipping football teams in France with their famous football shirts. The PSG team was named after its famous players, including Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Ander Herrera, and Antoine Griezmann. The team continued to change their shirts throughout the 1990s and 2000s. These shirts featured stripes, bars, and colors such as red, white, and blue.

For training, PSG has a dedicated training complex. This means they spend more time there than in the Parc des Princes stadium. The training complex has existed since 1970, but a new facility will be in place from 2020. The Paris Saint - Germain boys' football training kit is produced by Nike. A hat designed by the company features the team's crest and the number 91.

The PSG team has been collaborating with Nike for 30 seasons. For this season, they have released four new shirts in their Nike x PSG collaboration. Each shirt features a bespoke embroidered patch and has a standard fit. They are made of recycled polyester for comfort and breathability. The PSG x Jordan branded collection can be purchased on Foot-store. When it comes to football, Nike and PSG are making sportswear and streetwear apparel for both men and women.

Nike shirts at Camp des Loges

Despite the fact that PSG wears Adidas shirts, the French club has long had relationships with brand partners and sponsors. Since 1989, Nike has been the club's official technical partner and supplies all of the team's football and handball kits. In June 2019, the club signed a record-breaking sponsorship deal with Nike, which is valued at EUR80 million per year. The deal will extend through 2032, and will also see Nike supply PSG with its football kit for 43 years.

Nike shirts at PSG

Paris Saint - Germain's official training gear consists of Nike shirts and jackets. Each season, they release new training gear that coordinates with the team's football shirts. Each piece incorporates new performance technologies and style elements. Nike also releases a range of shirts and jackets for supporters. You can wear the latest jersey to practice and games. You can even purchase PSG football gear at their official store.

As with the football kit, the new shirts feature the Nike Jumpman logo. The Jumpman logo is an icon in sports and fashion. Michael Jordan, a Paris Saint-Germain player, designed the Air Jordan brand, which has become a mainstay of street fashion. The Jumpman logo also replaced the Eiffel Tower on the club's crest, allowing the French team to wear the iconic sportswear.

Nike's new shirts have been a hit with fans and players alike. The home shirt is white with two horizontal stripes on the front, while the team's away shirt features a new sponsor, Accor Live Limitless. These shirts are available in both short and long sleeve designs, and in a variety of color combinations. You'll even find a PSG goalkeeper shirt with red and blue colours.

Paris Saint - Germain is one of the most popular clubs in France. With stars such as Kylian Mbappe and Ander Herrera, they are one of the biggest clubs in Europe and have a devoted fanbase in the country. If you're looking for a new shirt for your child, then you've come to the right place. These shirts have the latest logo and are made of the best quality materials.

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