Best Precision Training Field Marking Equipment in 2022

Precision Training Field Marking Equipment

A quick Google search will reveal a multitude of different brands, models, and features for Precision Training Field Marking Equipment. We will take a look at SportsTraq, TinyMobileRobots, Graco, and Traqnology, and discuss their specific features. The best part? Our products are easy to use and universally fit. They also have an iPad interface so that you can use the same product all day long. This allows you to take measurements and store them for future reference.


For athletic fields, the SportsTraq precision training field marking equipment can do the job for you. Its autosteer system and high-pressure spray system make it easy to mark the fields in any direction. With its GPS guided solutions, the Sportstraq can be programmed to mow the athletic fields, map aerification holes, and apply fertilizer with centimeter accuracy. Users can download the SportsTraq app to get detailed measurements and to create their own lines. The app also allows users to adjust the width and length of the lines, as well as to make adjustments.

SportsTraq is a universal fit for most UTVs. The unit's iPad interface and high-pressure airless paint system put precision in the palm of your hand. Users only need to set up one initial field layout and can create as many field designs as they need. The app also allows users to save their data on a central server. This way, they can retrieve the data from the system if their iPad breaks.


In a recent move, STIHL Digital has acquired 23.8 percent of TinyMobileRobots, a Danish company that manufactures field-marking machines. The investment was a state-funded one and was managed by Borean Innovation. A private investor, Anders Fauerskov, will remain a minority owner of the company. The company has dominated the robotic positional marking market for five years. It now owns nearly half of the market for similar products in the U.S. As a result, this transaction will provide synergy potential between the companies.

TinyMobileRobots technology allows for a wheeled robot to lay down position markers faster than a human worker. The robots can also be programmed to work indoors. TinyMobileRobots has several robots that can perform various tasks, including surveying and road marking. This robot-based precision training field marking equipment will make this process much easier and quicker.

The TinyMobileRobots robot-marking robots can mark nearly any sport field. From baseball and softball to football, the TinyMobileRobots robots are able to mark all of the lines quickly. A soccer field can be marked in less than 20 minutes, and an entire football field can be marked in less than two hours. This is an incredible time-saving device for any athletic field.

The TinySurveyor robot also comes with a tablet. The TinySurveyor app allows the operator to customize settings and apply projection shifts, adjust the robot's velocities, and send files directly to the TinyMobileRobots server. In addition, the TinySurveyor robot uses Trimble's GNSS receiver to provide precise field marking.


Graco's FieldLazer family of professional line marking equipment includes walk behind, ride behind, and stand-on machines. These tools can be used to quickly and accurately mark a sports field or athletic track. With a low weight and easy folding design, FieldLazer is portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport to a variety of locations. They can also mark large solid areas and spray circles and arcs.

Graco application experts conduct a variety of training classes for the company's customers, including how to operate dispense equipment. The company also hosts large distributor meetings at the facility to showcase new equipment. It also serves as a central storage hub for an equipment loaner program. Graco engineers use these facilities to test dispense equipment and evaluate how it performs in a real-world production environment.

Graco's LineLazer G400 self-propelled line marking machine offers unparalleled efficiency and durability. The G400's shock-absorbing platform, turf-ready tires, and user interface dashboard make it easier to use and less stressful for users. The machine's automatic dashed line feature and auto-layout system eliminate the need for manual paint mixing and dripping. It also includes optional accessories and a long hose for increased flexibility.

Graco's line markers are available in petrol and hydraulic power options. The petrol-powered Graco 3400 is a great choice for small and medium carparks. It also has a computer-automated spray gun activation. Despite its compact design, it's easy to use and maintain, even on small carparks. Its two-inch line marker is ideal for marking a sports field or a school playground.


One of the latest pieces of precision training field marking equipment is the Traqnology GPS line marker. This Danish-designed system can be fitted to most tractors or UTVs with power steering. It provides RTK precision lines and the user simply uses an iPad to select the pitch and align templates. The Traqnology GPS line marker offers a number of advantages, including a much easier and faster marking process.

Sportstraq is a revolutionary new model from Traqnology. With its universal fit to any UTV or garden tractor, the Sportstraq puts precision in the palm of your hand. With its high-pressure airless paint system and iPad interface, the Sportstraq is easy to use and requires just five minutes to set up an initial field layout. Users can create as many field layouts as needed and all data is stored on the company's cloud.

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