Best Precision Training Football Training & Playing Field Equipment in 2022

Precision Training - Football Training & Playing Field Equipment

With the development of multi-sport equipment and goalkeeping gear, Precision Training has grown into one of the world's leading brands. As well as training equipment, they also offer performance and style enhancements. Precision Training has been able to gain a global presence through partnerships with major brands including McDonald's fun football scheme, SKLZ, SAS SPORTS and many others. To learn more about Precision Training, read on.


A vast range of football training equipment is available from GSI Precision. From football training to agility drills, you can train for all aspects of the game with our training equipment. You can focus on individual or team training and find the perfect equipment for your needs. This range features agility hurdles, ladders, cones and poles, all made from premium materials to ensure a long life.

These football agility cones are a great way to improve your agility while playing football. These cones are made from first-string polypropylene thermoplastic polymer and weigh about 740 grams. Each cone comes with a sturdy stand. These cones are made to last and come in bright colors that are easy to see in the field. Besides being durable, they also come in a set of 20 and are lightweight.

Mitre Impel

The Mitre Impel agility ladder simulates the fast steps of an outdoor football pitch. It is easy to assemble with pre-connected poles. Using this equipment will improve your agility and footwork speed. It also replicates the feeling of playing without a goalkeeper. Its lightweight and durable design make it a good choice for training. In addition, you can practice without the expense of a goalkeeper.


SKLZ Precision Training Football Training - Playing Field Equipment is perfect for improving the overall performance of a football team. This innovative football training equipment consists of a variety of useful pieces that are great for developing different aspects of the game. The Precision Pop-Up Goal is a good example. This portable football rebounder net is designed to replicate the realistic bounce of a football, helping to develop the skill of delivery and receiving. It costs a bit more than average rebounders, but you get a high-quality product that will last a long time.

SKLZ precision football training equipment features nets with holes to facilitate accuracy training drills. These nets can improve the accuracy and distance of kicking and throwing and are also useful for practicing during the season break. The nets come in one size, which makes them ideal for all players regardless of position. These products are easy to use, making them an excellent choice for home and park-based training.


Whether you're a novice or a professional, you'll find the best training equipment and accessories at SAS SPORTS. From cones and speed ladders to shin pads and football training balls, SAS is your one-stop shop for sports equipment and training. The brand is committed to helping athletes improve their athletic ability, so they can dominate the game. These products will help you improve your technique and overall athletic ability.

Suitable for both home and commercial use, these football agility training equipment features 10 rungs with 16" width, and is made from first-string polypropylene thermoplastic polymer. These cones are lightweight and easy to carry. Users are also impressed with the quality of SAS SPORTS precision training football equipment. Its price range ranges from Rs. 499 to Rs. 999.

B fit

The best football players in the world train hard, not only with the best equipment, but with different methods, which is why a variety of training and playing field equipment are available at Sports Unlimited. Their football training and playing field equipment focuses on individual aspects of the game, including agility, strength, speed, and accuracy. They are made of premium-grade materials, which ensure that the equipment is durable. A few of these products are featured below:

A waist belt helps players train better. A waist belt provides the perfect fit for players of different sizes, and the B fit football trainer is available in black. It is lightweight, weighing less than 100 grams, and is available in different sizes for players of different skill levels. The elastic of the football trainer extends to over a meter, making it possible for players of various skill levels to train at home or at the local park.

Slalom poles

The Slalom pole is an essential piece of football training equipment. There are different types of football poles, from single to multi-trainer, depending on the level of training. They come in either 25mm or 30mm diameters, with steel or nylon finned ferrules. They are great for playing on grassland, but also work for indoor training.

Slalom poles come in different sizes and are lightweight, making them an excellent investment for soccer, football, and other sports. These poles can be used on grass, concrete, or any hard surface. Each pole has a coiled spring in the bottom to absorb impact during collisions. They are also made of durable plastic and come with stainless-steel ground spikes for safety.

Tackling & blocking dummies

Tackling and blocking dummies are essential football training equipment. These devices simulate the physical demands of the trench warfare game. The tackling and blocking dummies allow players to train their footwork and hand placement while avoiding the dummy's hits. They are useful for various types of training and are available from several brands. Tackling & blocking dummies from Precision Training Football Training & Playing Field Equipment

Tackling & blocking dummies help improve team players' coordination, agility, and stability. Better footwork allows linemen to move faster and catch their opponents off balance more often. Unlike other athletes, linemen spend a great deal of time practicing their tackling. Precision Training Football Training & Playing Field Equipment's Tackling & Blocking Dummies help linemen perfect their technique in contact drills.

Resistance training speed chute

A speed chute is an excellent football training aid that helps players train their top-end speed. Speed is often the deciding factor on the field, whether running backs break free, receivers create space, or defenses close for a tackle. The speed chute adds resistance to sprints and helps athletes improve their top-end speed. This device can be added to a football player's off-season football workout.

Designed with the athletic player in mind, a speed chute can improve agility, speed, and overall athletic performance. It provides between fifteen and thirty pounds of resistance, which simulates wind, water, or a hill. This training equipment helps improve overall muscular strength and stamina. The speed chute is adjustable, with a quick-release buckle. One can start in any direction and slide it mid-stride to maximize their training benefits.

GSI soccer balls

GSI soccer balls are high-quality, certified by FIFA for precision training. These balls maintain their shape and air content, allowing for true flight. They also feature a patented technology that keeps the panels fused together. In addition to being certified by FIFA, GSI soccer balls are durable and will last for many years. When selecting a soccer ball, consider the quality and durability.

When selecting the right equipment, choose one that is user-friendly, custom-made, and innovative. GSI is committed to the needs of different end-users and is constantly improving its products to meet their demands. Their products facilitate agility and physical education, as well as fulfill performance parameters. The company continues to innovate and customize products based on feedback, as well as its extensive understanding of the sports industry and the needs of athletes and coaches.

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