Best PROSTYLE SPORTS Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

PROSTYLE SPORTS Goalkeeping Gloves

There are many different styles of goalkeeping gloves, but none are more comfortable or effective than Negative cut gloves. This style of goalkeeping glove features rolled fingers and stitched palms. It provides a tight fit, and gives the goalkeeper more latex contact with the ball. The negative cut is the best option for players who like to make contact with the ball with the back of their hand.

Negative cut

If you're an aspiring goalkeeper, you can improve your game with a pair of negative-cut PROSTYLE SPORTS goalkeeping glove. These gloves feature an excellent grip and a special soft latex on the backhand. They also have 4 mm of NFU foam padding inside for reliable impact protection. The gloves also feature a thumb wrap and well-stitched negative cut.

This design combines the advantages of the negative and roll-cut finger styles. The negative cut goalkeeping glove has rolled fingers and stitched palms for a tight fit and a better feel of the ball. This style has been used by goalkeepers for decades and is considered the most comfortable by many players. The negative-cut design also makes the glove more durable than a standard goalkeeper glove.

Unlike flat-cut gloves, Negative-cut goalkeeping gloves are characterized by inside stitching. This stitching creates padding on the tips of the fingers, providing protection and a smooth surface for the ball. These gloves will last longer than their Flat-cut counterparts due to the increased tension in the latex. Negative-cut goalkeeping gloves are typically priced between PS30 and PS40.

Roll finger

When comparing goalkeeper gloves, roll fingers are an excellent choice. These hybrid gloves combine the benefits of both roll fingers and negative cuts to create the perfect blend. Roll fingers feature an extended backhand connected to the palm with latex rolled around the fingers for excellent latex contact with the ball. This style is ideal for goalkeepers who need extra feel without sacrificing bulk. The roll finger cut provides an optimal fit and balance between finger saves and a snug fit.

This yellow, roll finger save glove is a great choice for adults. Made by Prostyle, these goalkeeping gloves are available in adult sizes. You can find these gloves in many colors and sizes, and the roll finger design makes them easy to match any set of soccer or football boots. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from small to extra-large. If you're not sure which size to choose, you can check out our handy guide to choosing the right goalkeeping gloves.

The cut of a goalkeeping glove determines how much space there is in the fingers and backhand. A wide goalkeeper may require a different cut than someone with a narrow hand. Roll finger and negative cut goalkeeping gloves are the two main options, though there are hybrid variations. For those interested in trying on different styles, here's a breakdown of each:

Flat palm

There are many different types of goalkeeping gloves on the market today. Choosing the right cut depends on the goalkeeper's preferences and the size of his hands. Many goalkeepers prefer a flat palm cut, but others may prefer a roll finger or negative cut. Either way, there are options to meet both of these needs. Listed below are the key features to look for in a goalkeeping glove.

A classic cut, the Flat Palm, is the most popular. Flat palm goalkeeping gloves consist of a single piece of latex and stitched gussets on the outside of the glove. This design gives the hand a looser feel than wrap-over or negative cut gloves. Typically, flat palm goalkeeping gloves cost PS10-20. The flat palm cut is an ideal option for people who do not want to spend a fortune on goalkeeping equipment.

This style is the most comfortable and versatile goalkeeper glove on the market today. The Anatomical Fit System allows the glove to be slightly bent. This helps ensure comfort and flexibility, and aligns the movement of the fingers with the speed of the glove. The wide wrist strap adds stability to the wrist and is fitted with an elastic insert for optimal fit. These features make the ProSTYLE SPORTS goalkeeping gloves a top choice among goalkeepers.

Hybrid cut

The two main types of hybrid cut goalkeeping gloves are roll finger-negative and flat palm-roll finger. These two styles have hundreds of brand names and can run you as much as PS30. Because of their complexity, hybrid cut gloves cost more than standard goalkeeper gloves. Although they provide excellent protection and feel good to touch, they are not as flexible as conventional goalkeeping gloves. This means that the fit may not be ideal for some goalkeepers, especially those who have thin hands.

A hybrid cut goalkeeper glove is a good compromise between traditional and modern styles. The hybrid cut has a tight fit for the fingers, but the cut is not as tight as roll finger gloves. If you have thick fingers, you may want to consider a different cut. Another modern type of hybrid cut goalkeeping gloves is the negative cut. These gloves feature latex wrapped around the pinky and index fingers.

The flat palm cut is one of the oldest and most traditional types of goalkeeper gloves. It is made up of one piece of latex with stitched gussets on the outside. This gives it a more loose fit and a classic feel. A flat palm goalkeeper glove typically costs between PS10-20. It's possible to find a pair for less than PS20 on eBay.


The PROSTYLE SPORTS UltraFllat goalkeeping gloves have an innovative hybrid cut that combines a flat palm with pre-curved ball retention. This unique combination allows for greater latex coverage in key touch points while providing a snug fit. They also feature retail packaging and adjustable velcro straps. This pair of hockey gloves is incredibly comfortable, giving you maximum ball control and ultimate grip.

The cut of a goalkeeper glove refers to the type of palm material. A flat cut is the most traditional and has one piece of flat foam material for the palm. This cut provides a more comfortable and loose fit. The rolled cut, on the other hand, has gussets stitched inside of the fingers. A negative cut is best suited for goalkeepers who have thin hands.

A good goalie glove will have spines on the inside of the fingers. These spines will support the fingers and prevent hyperextension or breaking of digits. The goalie's glove should be stiff, but not too stiff. An extra layer of padding is fine, but a flexible support will help prevent strains and breaks. When it comes to determining the size of a soccer goalie glove, it's important to remember to consider your hand's circumference.

Mercurial Touch Elite

The PROSTYLE SPORTS Mercurials Touch Elite goalkeeping gloves are designed with the goalkeeper in mind. These gloves are built with a lightweight, elastic fiber mesh with perforations to improve breathability and minimize weight while favouring fluid finger movement. The gel-injected microcapsules on the knuckle area protect against injury. Nike has partnered with professional goalkeepers to design this pair of gloves. They will be available starting in May.

The Mercurial Touch Elite is a revolutionary style of goalkeeping gloves that reduces bulk and stiffness. They feature an elastic wrist cuff that is seamless, providing comfort and mobility for goalkeepers. The Mercurial Touch Elite goalkeeping gloves are also influenced by golf and baseball gloves to provide the ultimate protection. These gloves are built to perform in any condition, and are made to last.

Predator Pro

The adidas Predator Pro goalkeeping glove offers a modern silhouette and excellent backhand compression. The material is soft and forgiving and the dedicated pull stitched on the wrist isn't very large for use when the glove is on. If you have questions about the color or size, Epic Sports can answer them for you. The Predator Pro is also one of the most comfortable goalkeeping gloves on the market.

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