Best Rinat Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

Rinat Goalkeeping Gloves

When it comes to purchasing new goalkeeping gloves, it is important to pick a pair that will provide you with superior performance and comfort. In this article, we will look at the Predator, Phantom Shadow, and Pure Alliance Supergrip+, as well as the Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite. These gloves are designed with the needs of goalkeepers in mind, so you can find the best one for you.

Phantom Shadow

The Nike Phantom Shadow goalkeeping gloves feature a padded grip and grippy foam. Latex on the palm wraps around the thumb, providing extra grip, while mesh between the fingers allows for breathability and reverse stitching keeps the fingers in place. The most aggressive version features a negative cut strapless design, which allows players to wear the gloves on a bare palm. The gloves are available in black, purple, grey, white, and red.

The Vapor Grip3 is not as strong or light as some of the other options, but it is more flexible and breathable. It will help keep your palms cool while you're on the goal. It's worth paying a little more money for the best goalkeeper gloves, but they'll provide outstanding grip and feel comfortable, so they're worth it. The Puma ONE Grip 1 goalkeeping glove is a great option for Sunday league and is priced well.

The lightweight, flexible and supportive palm make these the lightest and most flexible goalkeeper gloves ever made. The fit and feel are perfect, and the Asymmetric fastening ensures a secure, stable fit. The gloves also feature padding, which increases protection and enhances handling. This is essential if you play a lot of soccer or keep a close eye on the game. And, if you're not sure, try trying them on!


The adidas Predator Pro gloves feature a high-tech skin-tight design for incredible grip in every condition. A new Zone Skin backhand provides complete coverage of the hand, while a wide latex layer gives them excellent sturdiness. These gloves are available in a variety of colourways and cuts and pack a whole lot of fantastic features. If you're a goalkeeper and are looking for the best goalkeeping glove, look no further.

The Puma Future goalkeeping gloves are another top choice for a high-grip goalkeeper. Although not designed for wall climbing, these gloves feature 3D Shockzone to protect your hands from potential injuries. These gloves are worn by Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak. Rinat has even released a pair of Predator gloves for men. This year, the Puma goalkeepers are reportedly impressed with the new gloves.

There are several different models of the Dynamic Impulse goalkeeping gloves. This mid-range goalkeeper glove has the best balance of grip and durability. These gloves are made with different materials and styles to fit any budget. The Supergrip HN is a reasonably-priced option that performs just as well as more expensive options. Likewise, the Uhlsport Reflex gloves come with more flashy features, but they are also more tightly cut.

Pure Alliance Supergrip+

The Pure Alliance Supergrip+ goalkeeping gloves feature a unique grip composition and new adhesive foam formula for ultimate grip, no matter what the weather conditions. With four different types of cuts and individual finger protection, these goalkeeper gloves can accommodate all players' needs. These gloves are ideal for beginners and professional goalkeepers alike, and the Supergrip+ material will give you superior performance. This material offers superior durability and long-lasting comfort.

The innovative Supergrip+ latex provides superb grip, and this glove features a semi-negative cut for supreme comfort. It also features an innovative dual fix system for optimal fixation and a Rebound Zone for maximum wrist flexibility. It's a better bet to be safe than sorry, so the gloves also come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite

The Nike Mercurial Touch Elite is the new innovation in goalkeeping gloves. This high-performance glove features a 66% fabric reduction. This material was inspired by golf and baseball gloves and offers the ultimate protection for goalkeepers. The ACC foam absorbs shots. Its unique design provides maximum grip and mobility, regardless of the surface condition. These gloves are made for both male and female players, and they're designed with comfort and mobility in mind.

The Reusch Attrakt is another goalkeeper glove in the line. This goalkeeper glove is made with a unique combination of foam and latex, and offers incredible grip in any condition. Samir Handanovic and Hugo Lloris both wear these gloves. You can choose from three different colourways and four different cuts. All of these goalkeeper gloves come with incredible features that make them the best choice for any player.

After using the Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite, it is important to properly clean your goalkeeper gloves. You can use a glove cleaner to remove dirt, but you must use it as instructed. When you're done, allow them to dry naturally. To avoid damaging the latex, don't rub your goalkeeper gloves with a towel. Rub them gently. A rough towel can damage the latex, and you don't want to risk tearing them.

Vapor Grip3

When it comes to quality goalkeeping gloves, Rinat is among the best. Their goalkeeper gloves are made from high-grade materials and offer outstanding grip in all conditions. The G3 style is made of a special synthetic material known as Demonskin, which gives the keeper an edge on clearances. The Vapor Grip3 goalkeeping gloves also feature the Pro Flex, which improves mobility and flexibility. These gloves are also designed with the AirVent system, which keeps them breathable. You can purchase this type of goalkeeper glove in a variety of styles, colours, and cuts, and they come with excellent features.

Another excellent option for those who want the best grip are the Puma Future gloves. These gloves have an excellent grip but are not meant for crawling up walls. These gloves feature the company's 3D Shockzone technology to help keep the wearer's hand as still as steady as possible. They have been worn by players like Jan Oblak, who has been using them since 2019.

The Vapor Grip3 goalkeeping gloves also have an under-layer of ACC foam to absorb shot impact and improve grip. The vented backhand helps cool air to flow between the fingers. This glove also has a tailored fit with less fabric than previous generations. With its excellent grip, Rinat's Vapor Grip3 goalkeeping gloves can be worn on the field for a long time without sacrificing comfort.

UNO Premier

The new Neon is the latest in the line of Rinat goalkeeping gloves, which feature a unique proposal and innovative design. This glove is made of high frequency synthetic latex, which provides strength, volume, and cushioning. It is mounted on a breathable textile mesh base for maximum comfort. It also features a finger protection system to minimize injury risks. Rinat UNO Premier goalkeeping gloves are suitable for all levels of play.

The neoprene material provides a thin layer of protection, while blocking some of the latex pores for a better grip. A high-frequency embossed lycra section is embedded on the external wristband and the fingers have an elastic point to facilitate entry and exit of the hand. An adjustable textile wristband is also a key feature to help keep the gloves in place. The palm is made of latex, while the fingers are reinforced with a textile half.

The backhand application is robust and armed, mounted on a breathable textile mesh. High volume embossing provides cushioning and body to the glove while also keeping it cool and comfortable. The cut is ergonomic and adjusts to the natural shape of the hand. The glove's Duo Grip latex is an extra-thick, double-ply construction, with the inner layer clinging to the hand like a second skin. This ensures a superior grip and maximum comfort.


For those looking for an affordable pair of goalkeeping gloves, the Rinat Asimetric range is a good choice. The gloves feature a variety of different colours for fingers and a bright orange palm. They are available in eight different colours, so they'll be sure to catch the eye of any onlooker. Moreover, the bright orange wrist strap and the giant number 1 on the palm will help you attract attention to your goal.

The Asimetrik hybrid glove combines two different cuts for comfort and performance. The first one is the Rollfinger, which provides greater latex area on the fingers for better ball contact. The second one is the Full Finger Protection System. This one has a gusset on the middle finger and an internal latex pad to prevent the gloves from sliding while playing. The last one is a hybrid glove that features 3 mm of latex and three mm of PU for excellent cushioning.

Another choice is the Nike Vapor Grip3, which is a great option for a budget. It's designed to be durable and comfortable while keeping the goalkeeper's hands dry and warm. Ederson, of Manchester City, wears this glove, and it features 4mm Contact+ foam for enhanced protection. Ultimately, the Rinat Asimetric Goalkeeping gloves are one of the best goalsitting gloves available.

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