Best SELECT Football Futsal Balls in 2022

SELECT Football Futsal Balls

If you're looking for a new football for your kids or are interested in futsal as a sport for the whole family, it helps to know a few things about SELECT Football Futsal Ball. If you're looking for a smaller ball, size 2 is probably best, as it's the ideal size for smaller players. A smaller ball can also help them learn proper technique and gain confidence. Sizes 2 and 3 are suitable for younger players, while size 4 are recommended for older players.


Several companies have flooded the futsal market with their products. Some have been around for decades, while others have appeared only recently and faded away quickly. When looking for a futsal ball, it is best to choose the name brand because it gives you peace of mind that it is made with high-quality materials and has good stitching. Additionally, you should look for one that is easy to clean and maintain. Some of the top brands of futsal balls include Adidas, Select, and Nike.

Using the correct size futsal ball is essential for achieving optimum results. For example, smaller players should use size 2 futsal balls. Size 3 balls are slightly bigger and heavier than their smaller counterparts. These are generally used for training purposes, not for playing in official futsal games, but are suitable for use on professional training pitches. The most important thing to remember is that smaller futsal balls are best for younger players.

Whether you're looking for a large or small futsal ball, choose one with the right weight and bounce. A size three ball is perfect for young players and adults, as it has a low bounce and is easier for inexperienced players to handle. These balls are made of quality materials, and are often praised for their accuracy. In addition to being made of high-quality materials, they are reinforced with butyl balder to improve durability and air retention.


There are various factors to consider when choosing a football futsal ball. FIFA inspects the size of the football by dropping it on a steel plate ten times under controlled temperatures. Size 5 and Size 4 balls are lighter than outdoor balls. The bounce distance of a football futsal ball varies from 125 to 155 cm. It is important to note that the heaviest football futsal balls have a greater bounce distance than the lighter ones.

The FIFA Law 2 'The Ball' sets the international standard for soccer balls. It details the weight, elasticity, friction, and size of the ball. The ball must be 22 cm in diameter and weigh at least 410 grams (16 ounces).

Weights of football futsal balls vary from 390-430 grams, depending on the size and quality. You can find a futsal ball's weight by checking FIFA's specifications. The size 4 futsal ball, also known as SENIOR futsal, weighs around 400 grams. This size ball is often made from leather or synthetic leather. Many professional teams and 13-year-old players use a size 5 soccer ball.

Size 4

If you are looking for a regulation football futsal ball for scrimmages, training or tournaments, this Size 4 ball will do the trick. Made of durable PU leather, this ball is durable enough to withstand regular kicking, passing, scraping and impacts. Its nylon wound butyl balder increases its resistance to wear and tear while maintaining the perfect pressure when inflated.

Size 4 Futsal balls are recommended for players aged 13 and older. They come with FIFA-approved materials and come in a variety of sizes. USA Futsal is one such brand, and is endorsed by FIFA. It features a synthetic leather exterior, 32 panels and a butyl bladder that is ideal for air retention. A size 4 ball is also suitable for players who are still learning the game.

Futsal is a rapidly growing sport worldwide. Although it originated in Uruguay, it has grown to be incredibly popular in English-speaking countries. It is especially popular in South America, Spain, Portugal, and a few European and Asian countries. The game is now thriving around the world and has become the most popular sport in the US. It's definitely worth checking out a few reviews before you purchase.

High street stores don't sell size 4 footballs. Most of them sell adult size 5. Using the correct size ball will improve skills and improve your game, including ball control and shooting. Mitre is the most renowned football manufacturer in the UK. Its range includes match and training balls for players of all skill levels. They have also improved the quality of these balls over the years. And if you look after them properly, they will last for years.

Butyl bladder

Most SELECT football futsal balls use a butyl bladder, which is harder and heavier than latex. This material is more durable and holds air better than latex bladders, and is often used in training soccer balls. It is also much cheaper than latex. Although butyl is heavier and harder than latex, futsal balls are still soft and responsive.

Butyl bladders are the cheapest, and synthetic leather balls have the highest quality. Synthetic leather balls are also the most expensive, and are not recommended for hard surfaces. Butyl bladders are made from butyl, while PVC is used in lower-priced practice balls. A third important factor when purchasing a soccer ball is the bladder material. Premium balls have a latex bladder for a softer feel, while cheaper balls have butyl bladders.

Natural bladders are more expensive, but offer superior quality and durability. They are softer and more bouncy than synthetic bladders. Butyl bladders are better for the environment than latex because they are made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, butyl bladders are more durable than synthetic rubber balls, and are more reliable. They last longer and don't require the use of plastic bags.

The PU material of the SELECT Football Futsal Ball helps to keep the ball closer to the ground while it's being played. This soccer ball has a low bounce and a double-lock valve. Aside from its durability, it also has colorful designs and is approved for international matches. So if you're looking for a ball for practice, the SS32 by Select is a good option.

Adidas Tango Salsa

The Adidas Tango Salsa football soccer ball is a solid choice for futsal. Its TPU outer covering resists abrasion and is made of a durable, water-repellent plastic. The ball also contains a butyl bladder that helps it retain air for hours on end. It is one of the best soccer balls on the market, and it's available at a reasonable price.

Senda Vitoria

Select Football Futsal Balls in the Senda Vitoria line are designed with community and joy in mind. Made with durable DuoTech construction, they offer low bounce and cushioning. They are also fair-trade, and made in a factory that supports local economies. Here are some important features of Senda balls to consider when buying them. Using the proper Futsal ball will make a big difference in the quality and durability of your Futsal game.

The Gfutsal volleyball is designed for both adults and youth players. Its PU bladder is polyester filled butyl and has 32 stitched panels for a perfect rebound. Size 4 balls are 410-440 grams with a circumference of 61-64 cm. This size is recommended for users 14 years and older. They are lightweight, durable, and meet Brazilian Futsal Confederation specifications.

For the most accurate touch, this Futsal ball is made from top-grade PU material. Its low-bounce bladder allows the ball to stay close to the ground during matches. Its colors make it highly visible on the court. And the price is right: this ball is affordable, made in a fair-trade factory. Its durability makes it a good choice for tournaments, scrimmages, and training.

When choosing a Futsal Ball, make sure it is the correct size, weight, and type. The most suitable size for players thirteen years and older is a size 4.

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