Best Selsport Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

Selsport Goalkeeping Gloves

There are many different types of Selsport Goalkeeping Gloves, but there is one that has become a classic. The Wrappa Classic has been the flagship glove of Selsport for more than a decade and has continued to be updated each year. It has been the product of 10 years of careful development, and is incredibly comfortable. Its Giga Grip latex is activated when it gets wet, which gives it incredible catching ability. It also boasts a high density, yet flexible latex, which makes it a great choice for most players.


Reusch has been around for over thirty years and has an outstanding reputation for making goalkeeper gloves. The German word "tradition" means "translation of knowledge and experience from the past to the present." Founded in 1934, the company uses the best technology and analyzes market trends to produce goalkeeping gloves of the highest quality. Reusch focuses on one direction of play, forward, and has a great selection for junior players.

Reusch goalkeeping gloves come in a variety of styles and technologies to make your goalkeeping experience the best. The Reusch Prisima is a high-quality model that features the latest technologies and has the best protection for your thumb and fingers. Reusch is a global acting sports glove manufacturer with its roots in Germany. Reusch goalkeeping gloves are designed to fit any goalkeeper's hands and provide the ultimate in protection and flexibility.

The goalkeeper glove industry started out small, but has now become one of the most popular brands in goalkeeping gear. Today, top professional goalkeepers all over the world wear these high-quality gloves. In fact, uhlsport has patented several of their products. Their innovative design and high-quality materials make them stand out from the competition. The company does not skimp on quality and honors its commitment to their customers.

When first released in 1998, the Wrappa model was a revolution in goalkeeping gloves. This innovative design made the roll finger concept popular. Its high cushioning and exceptional latex grip also set it apart from the rest. Unlike many goalkeeping gloves, the Wrappa has a unique ribbed backhand design and is still one of the most popular models in the industry. If the Wrappa were to be discontinued, the goalkeeper glove community would go into a frenzy.

For a higher-end goalkeeper looking for a better glove, consider the Reusch Goalkeeping gloves. These goalkeeper gloves are made by the same manufacturer that makes the popular Reusch soccer glove. Reusch goalkeeping gloves have excellent quality, so they'll last a long time. The brand's website also features helpful videos to help the buyer choose a glove that's right for their needs. And the Reusch website is a great resource for beginners and experienced goalkeepers alike.


If you are looking for a pair of high-quality goalkeeping gloves, consider the Uhlsport Ergonomic Super Graphite HG/AG Goalkeeper Gloves. These gloves are made of latex, a synthetic rubber that can show flexibility and durability. Thousands of holes are positioned on the palms of the gloves, and when a shot comes in, they expand. This creates a suction effect and friction.

These gloves offer an excellent grip for players in every condition, and feature the brand's exclusive Supergrip palm and half-negative cut for a perfect fit. In addition, these gloves feature Uhlsport's signature logo and branding. You can't go wrong with an Uhlsport goalkeeper glove. They'll help you make a great save every time. The Pure Alliance Supergrip+ is a good option for players who play in wet conditions.

The history of Uhlsport began in 1948, in the small town of Balingen, Germany. The founder Karl Uhl cobbled the first leather studs. In 1949, the World Soccer Association lifted the ban on Germany's soccer teams and the uhlsport GmbH was formed. By 1951, the company had become a leading supplier of sports shoe components. In 1968, goalkeepers began wearing special gloves.

A well-rounded glove with excellent grip is the Dynamic Impulse goalkeeping glove. It comes in three different price ranges to suit the needs of any goalkeeper. The Dynamic Impulse is priced reasonably and offers great performance for the price. The Supergrip HN, a half-negative cut glove, is another affordable option that performs well. If you're looking for a flashier glove, consider the Uhlsport Reflex, but keep in mind that it's a bit tighter than the Supergrip HN.

Reusch goalkeeping gloves are renowned for their quality. The brand has been in business for more than 70 years, and many keepers use the classic models of these gloves. The brand has consistently improved the design of its gloves to meet the needs of goalkeepers. The company is committed to innovation and quality. Its first goal is to manufacture high-quality, innovative goalkeeping gloves. This is evident in the designs and technologies of its products.


The Adidas Selsport Goalkeeping gloves are a top of the range glove. They are a favourite of top goalkeepers, including David De Gea of Manchester United and Iker Casialls of Arsenal. Unlike other goalkeeper gloves, they feature the exclusive latex of Adidas, top performance materials, and the Adidas Fingersave, which stiffens your fingers to resist pressure when you are pushed back.

In the early 1990s, a new style of goalkeeping glove was introduced. The adidas Classic glove range was created in honor of predator pro Iker Casillas, who made his real Madrid debut in 1999 with an International glove. A further evolution of goalkeeping gloves was the introduction of a breathable, water-resistant material for use in wet weather. It's no wonder that Adidas now offers a variety of gloves that are designed to withstand even the heaviest of balls.

As the game continued to evolve, the Adidas Selsport Goalkeeping gloves became more advanced. The Wrappa glove incorporated the roll finger concept and brought the latex covering to the next level. This innovation helped goalkeepers handle shots better and more confidently. In addition, Selsport also created goalkeeper gloves that were suitable for wet weather. Normally, goalkeeper gloves offer excellent grip in dry conditions but gradually lose grip when wet. These innovative goalkeeper gloves made it possible for many young British goalkeepers to sign up for the brand and became a major player in the market.

While the Adidas Selsport Goalkeeping gloves are made to withstand extreme conditions and are a perfect choice for the most demanding of goalkeepers, they are not designed to be a cinch for the ball. They are breathable, and are comfortable for long-term use. The Adidas Selsport goalkeeping gloves are available in multiple styles and sizes, and can be purchased in different colors to match your style. When selecting a pair, always remember to look for comfort and style.


If you're looking for high-tech goalkeeping gloves, look no further than Sondico. The manufacturer of these gloves has been a trusted name for many years, producing equipment that has been worn by top keepers around the world, as well as beginner players and professionals. The brand's goalkeeping gloves have been praised by professional and amateur keepers alike, and their improved grip and protection will give you an advantage in the goal.

The firm's goalkeeping gloves were renowned for the durability and high-performance foam palm, which provided exceptional grip and comfort. An integrated finger protect system was also developed, which prevented the fingers from overextending backwards. The fingers were protected by reinforced flexible bars and a wrist strap with flex hook and loop tape. This design was also made to accommodate larger hands and prevent overextension of the fingers. These features made the Sondico Aquaspine Men's Goalkeeping Gloves a popular choice among many players.

A combination of features helped the company become a major player in the market. Its Wrappa glove took the roll finger concept to new heights. In addition to that, it offered exceptional latex grip and cushioning. The firm also developed goalkeeping gloves for wet weather. Most gloves are made of a smooth, dry-weather palm that gradually degrades grip when wet. The brand was successful enough to sign up a number of young British goalkeepers, which led to a thriving business.

The right pair of goalkeeper gloves will give you an edge over your opponents. Even a small difference in a goalkeeper's glove could mean the difference between winning or losing a game, a tournament, and even your career. So, invest in a good pair of goalkeeping gloves and get the best possible advantage for your game. Your goal is to make every shot count, so choose the right pair of gloves.

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