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Simple baking: 9 video recipes

Simple baking: 9 video recipes, Video recipes

Pastry making, working with dough, sugar and chocolate are all things where improvisation should be a minimum and a heavy soldier’s boot should be at your throat. The successful recipes here are a set of precise measures and weights, a methodical sequence of operations. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be accurate to the milligram, there is always a little tolerance, but in any case one has to follow a certain order in order for the dough to rise, the filling not to spill, and the chocolate ganache not to lump. Not everyone masters the techniques sufficiently, not all recommendations can be properly grasped on paper, so we have gathered for you a collection of the most popular recipes for sweet and unsweetened baking on and filmed them on video. And all the secrets have come out in the open.

Banana pancakes

An American breakfast classic, puffy pancakes with a fruity addition to the batter, all-weather and all-season, you can add fresh berry sauces to them in summer.

Cupcake with cream ganache

Dorado in the oven with tomatoes and capers

Another American classic with classic French chocolate cream. Ganache is an essential base for a mass of pastry recipes, it can’t hurt to work it out a little more.

Tsvetaev cake

This pie is called the Colourful apples pie because, according to legend, it was made by the Tsvetaev sisters in the early twentieth century for guests in a flat in Three Choprudny Lane. Ideally, use antonovka apples, with their bright aroma and tart flavour.


The easiest way to make a sweet for breakfast and dessert for a cottage or simple home-cooked meal. The cottage cheese for the muffin is best taken in fat, it’s a case of trying to eat little baked goods rather than reducing the calorie count.

American pumpkin pie

The pumpkin season begins in July, when the early varieties ripen, and ends at the end of winter, when the heavier autumn pumpkins survive. Pumpkin itself is quite sweet, so you have an excuse to use less sugar in the filling. But you can’t do without it altogether.


The main dessert of the Soviet table, the simplest and most common combination of puff pastry and fruit. Apples can either be placed raw or lightly caramelised in a pan.

Blueberry muffins

Blueberries are a nutritionist fetish, a berry with no season, as they have learned to grow them in winter as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. But in summer, of course, it’s ideal to make these muffins with wild blueberries.

Pancakes on milk

Most modern city dwellers only eat pancakes at Shrove Tuesday. These may be considerations of diet or laziness, but in no way of taste, because the taste of a milk pancake is divine.

Quiche loraine with spinach

Shape of shortbread dough and bright filling: this type of dish is one of the most common in bistro culture, but not so often used in regular kitchens it seems. However, judging by the number of views on our website, the process of introducing quiche into everyday life has already begun.

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