Best Sondico Men’s Football Clothing in 2022

Sondico Men's Football Clothing Review

This review of the latest range of Sondico Men's Football Clothing will take you through the company's latest products, including FC Twente's new 16-17 away kit. We'll also cover the compression range, goalkeeper gloves and core tights. Ultimately, we'll show you how to find the right gear for you. And, of course, we'll talk about the latest trends in football fashion.

Sondico's new FC Twente 16-17 away kit

After four seasons with Nike, FC Twente have changed their kit supplier to UK firm Sondico. The new home kit is similar to the previous year, but there are also a few changes in the away shirt. First, the rounded neck collar is gone and replaced with a split one. The shirts look very retro, and we can't wait to see them in action.

The shirt is light blue with grey applications and white logos. The shirt has a slightly different shape from the home shirt, but the colors are the same. You can also get children's shirts or ruime kant shirts. They cost EUR55 for children and EUR60 for large shirts. The shirts are available for purchase on the club website, and there is a pre-order link to order the shirts.

Sondico's compression range

The compression range from Sondico is designed to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable during intense game days. The range includes tights and shirts with a variety of features. The Sondico Core Tights are a popular choice among players, as they provide a tight belayer without restricting range of motion. They're ideal for training during cold weather and have been proven to speed up recovery after a hard workout and prevent muscle soreness.

Compression apparel for football players can be an essential addition to any player's attire. They help keep muscles in place and reduce vibrations during the game. Although these garments are designed to be tight, they don't restrict mobility and comfort. Many compression clothing items also feature moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the player's body dry and comfortable underneath shoulder pads. This helps improve speed and mobility, a crucial attribute in the game.

Sondico goalkeeping gloves

The Aqua Elite line of Sondico goalkeeping gloves has many unique features that make them an outstanding choice for players of all levels. Among their best features is the Removable Finger Protect System, which prevents injuries to the fingers and allows the ball to be tipped away with ease. Other features of this line include duo grip technology, a laminated latex palm and thumb, a flex wrist wrap, and touch fastening.

Among the most popular designs are those from Puma and Sondico. The former has a reputation for producing high-quality goalkeeping gloves with exceptional quality and fit. The latter offers a comfortable thumb wrap for improved fit. Sondico, on the other hand, is not as well known in the football world as Puma, but its goalkeeping gloves are still of the highest quality. They are particularly popular with younger goalkeepers, as their Gents Match gloves feature a throwback design that makes them look like they're from the 90s. While the latter style may not be as fashionable, the former is extremely comfortable and durable.

For the price of the Elite Protech range, the Sondico Protech goalkeeping glove comes with a lifetime guarantee. These gloves are very comfortable, and they are available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. They are in excellent condition and can be delivered quickly. In addition to the Protech line, there are also some beautiful used goalie gloves. The gloves are in very good condition and in a non-smoking environment. The gloves can be shipped to anywhere in the UK.

The Phantom Shadow series features a neoprene-latex heavy blend with additional foam on the palm wraps. Designed for fast play, this glove offers quick play and excellent ball distribution. Goalkeepers know that blocking a hot shot can cause serious injury. So, while the Phantom Shadow is a great option for a quick play, the Tiro Pro improves hand distribution and helps a goalkeeper keep the ball in play.

Sondico Core Tights

These compression tights from Sondico are perfect for all types of sports. They are made of high-quality material that doesn't restrict range of motion, so they are useful for training even on cold days. Unlike other tights, these compression tights don't restrict circulation and are proven to prevent muscle soreness and aid recovery after workouts. If you're looking for men's football clothing that's both stylish and functional, you should definitely consider Sondico.

Sondico Core Football Shorts

The Sondico Core Football Shorts for men are a great option for men looking for a comfortable pair of football shorts. They are 100% polyester and feature an elastic waist for a snug fit. Because they are imported, the sizes can be different from those available in the United States. When you shop online, you can find the sizes you need for both U.S. and metric measurements. You may also find sizing charts for both.

Levi's is another brand you can look into when looking for the perfect pair of football shorts. The Sondico Core Football Shorts for men are available at Levi's. You can even get them at a discount by utilizing the Levi's coupon code. You will find the best deals and promo codes when using this code. Make sure to check out the full list of offers before you buy them.

The Sondico Core Football Shorts for men feature a comfortable elastic waist that is easy to adjust. They are made of 100% polyester and feature flat lock seams to ensure minimal chafing. If you have trouble choosing between U.S. and metric sizes, you can easily compare the sizing charts. If you have a larger waist, you can also check the size charts on the side of the short.

The Sondico Core Football Shorts for men feature an elastic waist and the Sondico logo on the left leg. The shorts are available in black and grey colors. The grey ones feature a black waistband with a logo of the brand on the left thigh. You can even find these football shorts in your local department store. It's easy to find the right one for your needs by using the search bar below.

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