Best Storelli Boys’ Football Clothing in 2022

A Brief Comparison of the Storelli Boys' Football Clothing Collection

For boys interested in football, the latest collection from Storelli includes clothing and accessories that protect your little player's skin from injuries. It is lightweight, innovative, and features an integrated seat belt and body harness for protection. It also features a variety of different colors and designs that make it a versatile choice for young players. We have provided a brief comparison of the different Storelli styles and models, and highlighted the pros and cons of each.


A new brand in football clothing, Storelli is focused on injury protection. The collection is innovative, lightweight, and features a seat belt for extra security. What sets it apart is that it is designed for kids who play football. In addition, it is ideal for both training and playing on hard surfaces. Here are some features that make Storelli football clothing stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the most popular items in the Storelli Boys' Football Clothing range.

Founded in New York City by two creatives, Storelli produces high-performance soccer clothing. The goal was to make playing soccer easier while protecting the body. Under Armour tackled this issue, but Storelli took an entirely different approach. Instead of covering players with thick, clingy materials, they create clothing that is designed to protect the player's body while playing soccer. The team works hard to ensure the safety of its players, which makes it one of its top priorities.

While the brand is located in Brooklyn, Storelli is expanding its focus to the digital realm. It is currently co-founder of Taboom!, a live-streaming platform aimed at the soccer community. Another product line is Stadeo, a social media space geared towards soccer. It will be launching in Italy. If you have a child playing soccer, you can take advantage of Storelli's newsletter and learn about its latest news.


The innovative body protector, BodyShield for Storelli Boys 'Football Clothing,' was created by a former soccer player who was repeatedly diving into a rock-hard field while training for goalkeepers. Despite the scars from his goalkeeping training, Storelli persevered, and after college, continued playing in men's soccer leagues. Storelli began to receive dozens of emails from parents and amateur players who wanted their children to enjoy a safe soccer field.

A full-length padded goalkeeper shirt with an improved chest pad protects the lower body and is recommended by professional goalkeepers across the world. The goalkeeper shirt's moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking fabric provides excellent comfort, and the protective padding adapts to the shape of the goalkeeper's body. The STORELLI BodyShield Goalkeeper Shirt also features a protective chest pad and open cell foams in key areas.


With an 8-ounce weight and a head-conforming design, the Storelli ExoShield Head Guard protects your child's head from impacts with other players. The padded construction and ventilation system ensure comfort and cooling. Boys' soccer clothing should fit snugly and comfortably. It does not look like a helmet and offers maximum head protection without compromising style. The lightweight, adjustable Storelli Headband is comfortable for any player and prevents discomfort and chafing.

Designed with goalkeepers in mind, Storelli's range of protective football clothing includes a Youth ExoShield GK Goalkeeper Jersey. Inspired by the ancient gladiators, this jersey provides impact-resistant, moisture-wicking performance. The goalkeeper's protective elbow pads and shin pads are ergonomic and provide extra protection. The jersey comes in orange. And the youth football clothing is available in sizes from newborn to adult.


A soccer player should be equipped with high-quality protective clothing, which can help him stay on the field. Storelli products are made from revolutionary high-tech materials that combine maximum protection with breathability, flexibility, and comfort. The Strody underpants by Storelli are a must-have for hard-court training and playing. If you are considering purchasing this product for your little boy, make sure you check out the price and read the reviews online.

Launch date

The launch date of Storelli Boys' Football Clothing is just around the corner. The brand has been hard at work preparing for this moment. It has found its identity and knows exactly what it wants to achieve, which is why it's prepared for success. It has all the right ingredients in place to succeed in the football world. We wish the brand all the best in its journey! Here are some reasons why you should be excited for its launch date.

Product lines

The innovative and lightweight design of the Storelli Boys' Football Clothing product lines helps prevent injuries and promotes the game's safety. A seat belt is included as standard, as are padded pants and a vest. And, as an added bonus, there are plenty of other products for the whole family. Here are some of our favorites:

One of our favorite Storelli boys' football clothing items is our bibs. These bibs are great for training, too. They keep players warm, and prevent chafing with our new technology. They are made from comfortable, stretchy fabric, and feature an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort. The shirts are also made from high-quality fabric that is soft and comfortable. Moreover, the hoodies are made from the finest materials and are also made from durable fabric.

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