Best Storelli Men’s Football Goalkeeper Shirts in 2022

BodyShield Goalkeeper Shirts

BodyShield goalkeeper shirts have XRD (r) Extreme Impact Protection to help keep you protected in a highly-demanding position. These shirts are also lightweight with flat seams and silicone edges to prevent any possible abrasions. Despite their weight, these shirts are still surprisingly comfortable. And with a variety of customization options, they're sure to stand out on the training field.

BodyShield goalkeeper shirts are padded with XRD(r) Extreme Impact Protection

These goalkeeper shirts feature padding in the elbows and forearms that absorb 90% of the shock from collision impacts. The XRD(r) foam padding is reinforced to help prevent bruises from corner saves. The goalkeeper shirt uses sustainable production methods to reduce environmental impact. T1TAN padding is injected directly into the fabric rather than being sewn on.

The McDavid goalkeeper shirt is black and features a sharp form factor. The patented HEX padding technology fuses closed-cell foam padding to the fabric in 9-millimetre hexagonal pieces. This allows for unrestricted, synchronised movement while protecting the torso from shock impacts. XRD(r) Extreme Impact Protection also provides excellent coverage.

XRD(r) Extreme Impact protection is designed to absorb impact in light to heavy areas. This translates to lower rebound and increased protection. The goalkeeper's jersey has a form-fitting design to minimize distractions. The goalkeeper's concentration is vital and a loose goalkeeper jersey can hinder concentration. It's the perfect choice for competitive keepers.

When choosing a padded goalkeeper shirt, consider the comfort of the wearer. An uncomfortable goalkeeper shirt will distract players and prevent the goalkeeper from performing his job properly. Look for a goalkeeper shirt with flatlock stitching, which reduces the chances of skin irritation. If you're looking for a goalkeeper shirt that offers superior comfort, Diadora goalkeeper gloves are the way to go. These gloves have been manufactured for 25 years, and are backed by a dedicated research and development team.

They are lightweight

A soccer goalkeeper is often required to wear a lightweight goalkeeper shirt in a warm climate. Storelli football goalkeeper shirts are made of 100% recycled polyester and feature a flatlock seam construction for optimal breathability and comfort. This fabric is lightweight, soft and has hDc moisture management technology for optimal movement and stealth. These features make the Storelli goalkeeper shirt one of the most comfortable and functional goalkeeper shirts available.

These lightweight soccer goalkeeper shirts are ideal for use in warm weather and are made of breathable, high-quality fabric. The goalkeeper shirt is also highly customizable, with different colors, patterns and materials available. Whether you're a professional or a weekend warrior, you'll stand out in the training pitch. There's even a goalkeeper shirt for the non-football player!

The STORELLI Men's Football Goalkeeper Shirts feature military-grade foam padding in the chest and elbows for extra protection. They're made from premium moisture-wicking compression material with an aggressive look and aggressive design. The protective padding adapts to the shape and feel of the goalkeeper's body, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. The goalkeeper shirt is recommended by professional goalkeepers worldwide.

The Bodyshield GK 3/4 Undershirt provides unparalleled impact protection. It's designed to be worn under the normal GK jersey. It features a revolutionary foam padding system, which offers optimum protection and breathability. The chest pad is 6mm thick, so it traps hard shots while reducing rebounds. These lightweight soccer goalkeeper jerseys are also durable, making them the perfect choice for training and playing on hard surfaces.

They have flat seams

When a goalkeeper is playing a game, they need clothing that is comfortable and wicks away sweat. Without comfortable clothing, they'll end up drenched at the end of a game or training session. Moisture-wicking fabric allows water to be drawn away from the surface of the skin, where it can naturally evaporate. A flat seam shirt can also help keep chafing to a minimum.

The McDavid goalkeeper shirt is made with 82% polyamide material that keeps the athlete cool and dry. The flat seams help to wick moisture away from the skin, while the patented HEX padding technology gives the goalkeeper unrestricted movement and synchronised movement. The patented HEX padding also absorbs shock impacts, reducing chaffing.

The Storelli men's football goalkeeper shirt offers military-grade foam padding, making it ideal for the job. It also comes in 5 great colors and features flat seams and military-grade foam padding. It is also made with premium moisture-wicking compression fabric, which is comfortable and aggressive. Poron padding provides hardcore ergonomic elbow protection. The breathable and impact-absorbent polyurethane foam is also padded, giving the goalkeeper the ultimate in comfort.

They have silicone edges

The Storelli men's football goalkeeper shirt has silicone edges to prevent stitching while ensuring a secure fit. The goalkeeper's shirt is made with a sustainable production process, helping to reduce environmental pollution. The shirt features reinforcement for the ribs and elbows, along with a grip zone on the forearms. The grip zone is supposed to provide the goalkeeper with an edge when catching a flat-struck ball. The padding is injected into the fabric, not sewn onto it.

Storelli men's football goalkeeper shirt's fabric is made with a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the player dry and comfortable. This fabric is durable and offers good breathability. It also offers a wide range of customization options for the goalkeeper. This way, he can stand out on the training field. There are also silicone edges on the back of the shirt, which make it comfortable to wear.

The McDavid football goalkeeper shirt is another excellent option for the goalkeeper. The McDavid goalkeeper shirt is black with sharp edges and a good form factor. It features patented HEX padding technology. This material is fused with closed-cell foam padding in nine-millimetre hexagonal pieces. This padding helps the goalkeeper maintain a smooth, unrestricted movement while the padding absorbs the impact of a kick.

They are designed to bend

For a strong and durable garment, a goalkeeper needs an ergonomic shirt that provides optimal flexibility and comfort. Storelli men's goalkeeper shirts are made of innovative high-quality materials to combine optimum protection with breathability, flexibility and comfort. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Storelli's Goalkeeper Shirt. This shirt is designed for regular movement and is highly resistant to chafing and irritation.

The T1TAN is made with sustainable materials that minimize environmental impact. The T1TAN is reinforced to protect the ribs and elbows and features a grip zone on the forearms that's supposed to give goalkeepers an edge when catching flat-struck balls. The padding is not sewn onto the fabric, but is instead injected into the material.

A men's football goalkeeper shirt should be breathable and moisture-wicking. If it isn't, the goalkeeper will end up being soaked after a game or training session. Not only will a sweaty goalkeeper look sloppy and uncomfortable, but it will hinder his performance and enjoyment of the game. So, it's important to find a goalkeeper shirt that wicks away sweat. Luckily, there are several brands on the market with this innovative fabric.

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