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Tobacco chicken with garlic sauce, Prescriptions, Any category, Any kitchen, Main dishes, Georgian cuisine, New Year's Eve chicken dishes, Chicken tobacco

Ingredients portion 4

Salt to taste

Chicken 500 g

Ground white pepper to taste

Lemon 1 piece

Dill to taste

Garlic 4 cloves

Cooking instructions 45 minutes

1 Cut the chicken carcass along the breastbone.

2 Lay out on a cutting board in layers, cut off the wings to the first phalanx and scrape out the giblets inside.

3 Baste the whole chicken thoroughly and evenly.

4 Rub both sides with salt and white pepper (do not use black pepper – it will burn when frying).

5 Fry in a well-heated frying pan in vegetable oil, under a 3-5 kg press (a special lid press, or a surface on which something heavy is placed on top). Grill the back side first until crispy, then flip it over and grill the other side.

Closed cherry pie

6 Served with a slice of lemon and a fragrant garlic sauce (a mixture of vegetable oil, finely chopped dill and crushed garlic).

Recipe tip The most important ingredient in cooking is the INSPIRATION of the cook 🙂

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