Best Tompro Goalkeeping Gloves in 2022

Tompro Goalkeeping Gloves

The Tompro goalkeeping gloves are designed for enhanced comfort and better grip. They come in stylish colours with a matching elastic band and air mesh, or in a plain white latex version. The backhand of these gloves has a deep embossed full latex backing to increase padding and accuracy. The backhand of these gloves is also made of highly breathable fabric to help expel sweat. The catching area is also improved to allow the goalkeeper to take more accurate shots.

Reusch Pure Contact 3

The Reusch Pure Contact 3 goalkeeping gloves are ergonomically designed to offer the ultimate second skin feel. The gloves' perforated neoprene lining is ideal for keeping hands cool. The AX2 Hydro Grip provides the best rain grip, while the full neoprene palm and backhand keep your hands dry. These goalkeeping gloves also have a FreeFlex backhand for excellent grip and breathability.

Made in Germany, Reusch Pure Contact goalkeeping gloves are made with 100% internal seams. They also feature a wrapped thumb and an extension of the palm to the backhand on the pinky finger side. The neoprene backhand allows the gloves to provide the tightest fit in the market. They also feature silicone accents for enhanced grip. Designed for goalkeepers, the Reusch Pure Contact 3 goalkeeping gloves are available in size 6.5-7.0.

This all-weather glove features an Evolution Negative Cut that compliments the lightweight Freeflex material. A rolled thumb adds an extra touch of style to the glove and enlarges the palm area. The asymmetric slip-on cuff and integrated half stretch strap also add to the glove's comfort and durability. The G3 Fusion latex also provides excellent protection against all types of weather conditions. So, it's no wonder that Reusch Pure Contact 3 goalkeeping gloves are among the most popular choice among aspiring goalkeepers.

Puma Future Grip 5.1

The FUTURE Grip 5.1 Goalkeeping Gloves combine reactive design with superior grip. With a fully knitted backhand and enhanced latex palm, these gloves allow goalkeepers to react faster than ever before. The gloves are made with modern and stylish designs that will not only make you look great, but also make saving the game more comfortable. The gloves are designed for the next generation of goalkeepers, so they offer a combination of style and technology.

While the price is high, you should get a pair that fits your hand comfortably. Goalkeeping gloves should fit well to accommodate your natural hand movement and allow you to make accurate and confident saves. Gloves that fit too tightly will quickly wear out while ones that are too loose may not fit properly, making your goalkeeping duty uncomfortable. Palm material is another important consideration, because professional goalkeepers generally prefer latex over rubber. A mixture of the two materials is best for training purposes.

PUMA's Goalkeeper business is aimed at regaining credibility as a world-class performer in the sport. As a result, it has introduced several innovative new products in goalkeeping gloves. Among them are the evoDISC gloves, which are designed with disc technology to provide maximum grip and movement. However, PUMA also offers a more affordable version of the Future Grip 5.1, which is aimed at the mid-level goalkeeper.

Puma Vapor Grip 3

With a hybrid design that allows for greater flexibility, the Tompro Puma Vapor GRIP 3 goalkeeping gloves offer the ultimate in grip and protection. The four-mm Elite Grip latex palm provides an excellent grip without sacrificing comfort. The glove's fully knitted backhand provides a full range of movement while delivering the maximum protection. A number of high-profile goalkeepers have endorsed these gloves for their performance and style.

The ultimate grip latex palm, combined with an embossed flex channel, gives the Tompro Puma Vapor GRIP 3 goalkeeper gloves unparalleled grip in wet and dry conditions. They also feature a revolutionary PUMA patented thumb spine protection and twin wrap thumb to maximize latex to ball contact. A new, unique cut provides optimal fit and catching area.

Nike made a great pair of goalkeeping gloves with this technology. The Vapor Grip 3 gloves feature the All Conditions Control system and foam cushioning in the palm for maximum comfort and grip. A textured Grip3 pattern wraps around the thumb, forefinger, and pinkie finger for the most secure grip in any conditions. These gloves are comfortable to wear, and they provide excellent grip on the ball.

Nike Vapor Grip 3

If you are a aspiring goalkeeper, you should consider purchasing the Nike Vapor Grip 3 goalkeeping glove. This pair of gloves is made specifically for use in wet and dry conditions and is worn by Ederson of Manchester City. They are made with 4mm of Contact+ foam. Thibaut Courtois, Jan Oblak, and Joe Hart are all big fans of these gloves. These gloves have a unique roll finger design and an inseam cut that is perfect for tight situations.

The Pro Flex feature of these gloves ensures excellent mobility and flexibility, and the latex is made from a new formula that is resistant to cold and damp conditions. They come in a variety of colours, cuts, and colourways, and are packed with great features. A pair of these gloves is the perfect addition to your goalkeeper kit. There are many more advantages to consider when buying a pair of goalkeeper gloves, and the Nike Vapor Grip 3 is the ideal option.

Designed to mimic the glove worn by professional goalkeepers, the Nike Vapor Grip 3 features All Conditions Control technology that helps you keep a firm grip on the ball. The Vapor Grip 3 also features a wrapped roll finger, flat palm, and ventilated mesh design between the fingers. In addition, these gloves are lightweight and flexible, which means they will fit securely and keep your hands cool.

Reusch Predator 20 Pro

The Reusch Predator 20 Pro goalkeeping glove is one of the most aggressive and comfortable gloves available today. Its Demonskin backhand adds extra grip for clearances. It also features Primeknit fabrics and grippy URG 2.0 latex for a secure fit. Its negative-cut strapless design allows it to be worn like a second skin, while offering robust protection and a comfortable fit.

A good goalkeeper should purchase a pair of goalkeeping gloves that are suitable for both daily use and intense practice. There are two types of goalkeeper gloves: game gloves and training gloves. Game gloves are made with the highest quality material and are coated with a special clinging agent that is meant to wear off after several uses. All-weather gloves are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while protecting the wearer. The palms feature latex to improve grip and protect the hands.

Designed to imitate the jersey of renowned German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, the adidas Predator 20 Pro provides a secure grip on the ball while also offering excellent comfort. The patented Demonskin technology allows goalkeepers to make precise punches while retaining grip on the ball. Unlike other goalkeeping gloves, these gloves also feature a patented foam palm, which is both highly sensitive and grippy.

Reusch Lloris super grip

The Reusch Lloris super grip goalkeeping glove features the revolutionary super-grip latex combined with Fusion Technology. It is designed to provide maximum grip, excellent touch and durability in a variety of weather conditions. Its innovative cut and flare provide maximum flexibility and ideal fit. The glove is ideal for catching and defending shots and features a fusion of latex and neoprene for optimal grip and flexibility.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor soccer, the Reusch Lloris super grip goalkeeping glove features a latex palm for optimal durability and grip in both wet and dry conditions. Its palm design is shaped around the fingertips to maximize contact area between the palm and the ball. This is an important aspect of goalkeeping, as soccer balls can travel very fast in the goalkeeper's general direction.

The Evolution Negative cut of the Reusch Lloris super grip goalkeeping glove gives a natural feel to the hand. The G3 cushioning and negative cut of the palm enhance the glove's grip without limiting your range of motion. The lightweight G3 cushioning makes the glove feel like a second skin. Its Ax2 foam palm makes it more suitable for wet conditions. And the glove's ergonomic cut helps keepers maintain their grip even when wearing wet gloves.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the goalkeeper Glove is the lightest and most flexible goalkeeping glove available. Its backhand is fully knitted to provide maximum ventilation and reduce hand sweat. The asymmetric fastening allows for a stable fit and robust protection. The ultra-grip and super grip properties make this goalkeeper glove a favourite among professional players. The goalkeeper glove is not only comfortable, but also offers excellent grip and control in slippery conditions.

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