Best Yourgod Women’s Football Boots in 2022

Yourgod Women's Football Boots

Yourgod women's football boots are a great way to support independent artists. Each design is made by independent artists, then printed on quality products in socially responsible ways. Every purchase puts money in the artist's pocket. Ida Youngson is credited with the idea behind the Football Boots. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider purchasing one of her designs. Here are some other reasons why they are the perfect choice for women:

Ida Youngson's idea

The idea for Yourgod Women's Football boots came from the Australian sports market where Laura Youngson was having trouble finding comfortable football boots. She quickly learned that the feet of women are different from those of men and that they needed a different type of football boot. She met Ben Sandhu, an entrepreneur lecturer and former semi-professional cricketer who was disgusted by the overtly sexual nature of the football boots sold in Australia.

In Australia, one in three small companies fails in their first year of business. Youngson teamed up with a male friend and designed a pair of football boots for women, called Ida. They had a meeting while playing mixed futsal, and together they came up with the idea for Yourgod Women's Football Boots. They aimed to eliminate gender inequalities in sport by addressing the problems women faced.

The newest football boot for women was inspired by Laura Youngson's experience on Mount Kilimanjaro, where she led a team of female players to play a record-breaking match. The match became the highest-altitude football game ever played. Youngson, an avid football player, realised that women were severely lacking in the area of football boots for women. So, she created a company that offers high-quality football boots for women.

Ida's football boots are made with a kangaroo leather upper with rubberized material on the side of the boot. They look like classic leather boots, but are made in a unique shape that accommodates the female foot. She hopes that her idea will inspire other women to make football boots for women. If it does, she'll get her dream job!

Synthetic cleats

There are pros and cons of synthetic shoes. They can be cheaper but they are often more heavy and difficult to break in. A good synthetic boot will be breathable. They can also be harder to break in than leather shoes, but they are easier to maintain their original shape and feel. Synthetic shoes are often more lightweight than leather shoes and can be made with more technology than leather. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to research before buying.

When shopping online, make sure to measure your feet correctly. Sometimes, synthetic cleats don't fit true to size. Because you can't try them on in-store, they can run small or big. To make sure you purchase the correct size, it's a good idea to read reviews from other soccer players. Moreover, some online stores will offer to personalize your boots if you purchase them from their website. The only downside to this is that you can't return the shoes once you've personalized them.

Soccer players should choose synthetic cleats with medium levels of traction. This is to avoid injuries to the central pivot of the knee. In addition to the traditional synthetic cleats, there are also new woven synthetic models on the market. However, these shoes haven't been scientifically evaluated yet. However, the move to a lower cut has been based on scientific evidence.

The stud pattern of football boots is usually a combination of bladed and round conical studs. This balances out the aggressiveness of the studs for turning, pivoting, and shooting. Some of these models are great for simple players who don't care about the look. They come in classic colors and stud patterns and offer good protection. Some models are also quite comfortable to wear.

Control boots

The adidas Predator Freak.1 is a great pair of football boots to master control of the ball. The solar red colourway and mutant-looking Demon Spikes on the upper make them great for attackers. These boots are perfect for players who like to take the ball up and down the field. The sole is also very soft, making them great for controlling the ball. The control boot comes in a variety of different styles, including cleated, studged, and laceless.

Control boots are suitable for goalkeepers and central midfielders, and can provide 360 degree ball control. They also have a medium to wide fit and are worn by players such as James Rodriguez and Mesut Ozil. Whether you are a goalkeeper, a midfielder, or a defender, these boots can help you control the ball and make quick decisions. However, if you're a defender, you should consider purchasing a different style.


The correct size for football boots can be a little tricky to find. Many football boots are true to size, but the type of last used to construct the boot is a major factor in how snugly they will fit. The Mercurial line of football boots by Nike, for example, uses a narrow last, while the adidas Copa Mundial uses a wide one. The size chart below is designed to help you find the right boot size for your foot.

A football boot's size should fit snugly around the foot, but not so snugly that it restricts movement. The ideal fit should leave a small space at the toes, but not so much that they push up against the end of the boot. When purchasing a football boot, it's a good idea to order one size up from your normal size, and make sure to choose one that allows enough room for your toes to move freely and comfortably.

To find the right size, try on a few pairs of football boots before buying. Remember that football boots aren't sneakers. They're not meant to be worn with sandals or sneakers. They must be as snug as possible. It is important that you feel comfortable during the entire match, not just during warm-ups. Make sure you read the reviews for the boots before you buy them. You'll save yourself the trouble and money of buying the wrong size!

If you're interested in purchasing a pair of football boots, remember that male and female footballers weigh different amounts. While male players weigh more, female players are not as heavy. So make sure to check out the different sizes for the men's and women's football boots, as well as a wider selection of football boot sizes. There are also many options when it comes to stud configuration, which is important when choosing football boots.


If you want to make your first step in football, it is important that you choose the right boots for your foot size. A good pair of football boots should fit snugly and comfortably. They should provide good traction and stiffness, and should also keep your feet comfortable. You should consider the price and quality of a pair before buying them. These boots are definitely not cheap, but they are worth every penny.

There are many brands that manufacture women's football boots, but there aren't any that are revolutionary. Instead, you'll find boots with innovative technology. They have customisable lacing and textured uppers. Some even have mud-repellent properties. It's worth considering the price tag when choosing a pair of boots, though. You don't have to spend a fortune to buy the best pair of football boots.

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